Anti-Jacking System

Research Proposal

September 11 will not be repeated again

Why this research proposal title

We all know that on September 11 two of the passenger aircraft (A/C) was forced to crash in W.T.C by terrorists. As the families of the victims of this attack were busy for the funeral, Osama bin laden was busy chatting with his friends about the devastating result they could bring to the American economy. Although this attack was carried out in American soil, this was a real blow to the whole civilized world.

Most people thought it as a successful attempt by the terrorist and failure of American foreign policy towards middle-east. But what I have concluded is that it was a historical failure of the technology.

I have chosen this topic for research because we can not let this history to repeat again and for this reason we all know different governments are spending billions of dollar for home land security , airport and airspace security.

I do not at all accept that this spending of huge amount of money will bring safety to our sky or land, in my view this will just encourage terrorist for more challenging attack.

My background for choosing this subject

I graduated as a Radio electronics engineer and worked as an Avionic engineer. Presently doing internetworking. Redioelectronics has helped me to understand the radio communication system and working as an avionic engineer has helped me to understand the avionic and A/C control system.

Actually the concept of forming a virtual private network in internet has helped me to think about my research proposal. And the only thing Iam trying to suggest is that the possibility and principal of routing an aeroplane in the space may be similar like routing of Packets in the internet .I am explaining about this in my actual proposal.

So, what we know about the September 11 attack

Before jumping on about my concept on the proposal, I want to remind you on how could September 11 attack happen?

We all know that A/C was forced to crash in the W.T.C by either Ö

a) The pilot or the captain was in gun point to do it

b) Or highjack shot the pilot to death and took control of the A/C

So from above points, we have a challenge to face about how to prevent this from happening again???

Photo 1: The above photo shows result of the aircraft being forced to W.T.C

[Source: CSICOP Tracks Misinformation and Hoaxes in the Wake of the Terrorist Attacks

What were different proposals????

o Introduction of High Ėtech X-ray machine
o Permitting captain to lock the door
o Changing the conventional cockpit door into a bullet proof door
o Adding more security personnel
o Some people even suggested of changing the foreign policy
No, matter with what so many people have proposed, I donít agree with them at all because what if pilot or the captain himself turn out to be the one of the highjacker???

In my opinion none of the above proposal will be able to make our city safe in critical cases.

Outline of my research proposal

Like in the huge internet we form a secure tunnel by creating a virtual private network for any two networks to talk to each other. Similarly, What I am proposing is to compare the internet with the sky and the virtual tunnel as a course or the prescribed secure path of an A/C.

We all know that a perfect map and coordinate of the geographical region can be drawn with an aid of satellite and different system now. We know most of the airports are located mostly in the remote area, so what I suggest to do is to assign demilitarized zone for the area that we donít want any aircraft to fly below certain heights. This to make sure that we secure our land and sky below certain heights. And also for the reason to let the A/C fly above certain height because A/C even if it is highjacked but is flying above certain height will not risk the life at the ground at least. I will be able to explain this better by the diagram as suggested below.

Photo 2: new York City at night. A/C is permitted to fly above certain heights.

Just by proposing a protocol mandating to fly not