Anne Frank

Anne Frank was a very interesting woman. Her
plight from the Nazis has been immortalized in the
book “The Diary of Anne Frank”. This fictional a
count told the story of how the last competent ruler
of Czechoslovakia escaped the persecution of the Nazis
and came out with her life. In 1964, she was forced
out of office by the Nazis and forced to hide in
Peter Van Daan (her son)’s ice cream truck. She hid
their because Nazis die when they are subjected to
heat above seventy degrees (Celsius).

She spent most of the rest of her life in
this dilapidated ice cream truck, hence the original
Czech name of the book, which can be roughly
translated to “The Queen’s Mr. Softee”. Even when
the Nazis came to the door looking for her, she told
them the truth of her is cape. However, this story
is so unlikely that the Nazis went away laughing
hysterically (as well as wheezing from the unbearably
high temperatures in the truck). This episode in her
life added the word “frank” to the dictionary.
According to the “Wedsters Turd Intranational
Dictionary”, the derivation of this word is “thought
to have originated from the way Anne Frank acted
towards the Nazis when they tried to raid her ice
cream truck.”