Ancient civilizations
Now it is hard to see the beautiful night sky. Because of pollution that the human race made but long long ago when there was no pollution you could see the night clearly. Ancient people drew pictures of the stars that looked like things they had seen on earth. But more importantly they noticed that the moon and stars changed shape and position thatís how the first calendars came about they told you about the position of stars and the position and shape of the moon Ancient Priests were constantly checking these calendars to make positive the were accurate.
Some stars and constellations donít move from night to night for example the Big Dipper. This was very convenient for ancient sailors because they could navigate them selves at night by looking at the stars. The Chinese and the Polynesians were one of the first people to use this method of navigation.
In China astronomy is very important in ancient times as they thought they could predict the future and some still think that they can. The Chinese astronomers were continually watching the stars because they could then warn people of bad things.
The Maya Indians who lived in southern Mexico found a very smart way to write numbers they were also one of the earlier few countries to record on things like the sun, The Moon, and some other planets but they were fascinated in Venus for some reason. The Mayans recorded things like the cycle of stars and the cycle of planets they recorded these things by watching the night sky for hours on end. The books they used were made from tree bark. Only small parts of four these books remain today.
But these books prove that The Mayans could predict the solar and lunar eclipse along with the path of Venus. These books were most Likely destroyed by the Spanish in the 1500ís.
The ancient Egyptian depend on The Nile river to survive because if the river flooded the fields the Egyptians had a chance to grow there crops but the their crops would die after some time and they would have to know when to plant the next batch to let it live through the flood Egyptian priests carefully recorded when the Nile would flood and that was around every year. But the Priests also found out that the star called the Siris rinsed with the sun when a flood came. The Egyptians also invented the very cleaver invention called the Sundial.
Babylonians discovered astronomy very early even before the Mayans. Like the Mayans they liked to study certain planets but the Babylonians concentrated on a wider range of planets these were Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Babylonians also kept very detailed records on where these planets go and ended up being able to predict them. The same as many other civilizations they though that they could predict the future depending on where these planets go.
The Greeks
The Greeks Got their early information from the Babylonians then extended on to that knowledge I think it very much shows that the Greeks picked up from the Babylonians here is some of those situations.
1. Thales (a Greek astronomer) predicted that there would be an eclipse of the Sun at a time around 585B.C. He had the exact date. And this prediction came true he used Babylonian astronomy to find this out.
2. At a time around 550B.C. A Greek Philosopher called Pythagoras noticed that the Evening star and the Morning star were actually the same star now we know that this star isnít a star itís a planet the planet Venus Pythagoras also used Babylonian methods to realize this.
Also Greek a small amount of Greek astronomers though that the earth was round and that the moon was actually light from the sun reflected onto the moon and of course now we know thatís true.
Theories of ancient civilizations
Greeks-the Greeks thought that the earth was a big ball at the center of the universe each planet moved in a separate circle this is the order first was The earth, then The Moon, Mercury, Venus, the sun mars, Jupiter, Saturn and then came the stars that was the extent of their Universe but of course now we know there id much much much more!
To explain why