In the article in which Nelson T.Shield III argues that handguns should be banned in the U.S, he strongly victimizes guns as the direct cause and that they are responsible for the nation’s rising crime rate. He intentionally stereotypes high crime rate cities like Los Angeles and mislead the uses of handguns as the major tools for murders. I disagree with his views that handguns are responsible for promoting violence in societies, and so will every law-abiding citizens that have the right granted by the constitution for bearing arms. Because laws are created intended to punish people who committed crimes, not limiting everyone’s rights when only a portion of people gone bad.
Nelso T.Shield claims that banning handguns is the only way to reduce the crime rate. And he also says that “Today handguns are responsible for half the nation’s murders”. If handguns are responsible for the crimes, then we just gave all the criminals a new excuses to create crimes, because now the guns are partially responsible for what they have done. We should realize that the decision maker who used the gun for what whatever reason should be ultimately responsible for whatever the outcome may be. Handguns are inevitably the most widely used weapon, but isn’t a knife a weapon? A scissor? A piece of rock ? Even an electric wire can be used to strangle a person. Should we ban those items as well?
Today, there is a car accident taken place in every five minutes, and hundreds and thousands of people are injured or died from car accidents each year. According to Nelso’s theory, cars take away more lives than handguns, therefore should they be banned from the street , too? Things were invented by men, used by men, and also regulated by men. If I feel I need to get a gun simply because I feel I’m unsafe and need protection, I think I should have the right to own one legally through legal processes. I think that everyone is responsible for what they do, and the law is used to punish people’s misdeeds, to regulate things that are affecting people. It is not made to punish things that affect people, and regulate people’s sins.
The article overstressed that handguns are too dangerous around people, and that the only way to reduce crime rate is to ban handguns. He failed to discover the fact that people are the main factor for creating crimes, and people should take responsible for all the murders. If you ban the handguns today, someone will find/build another weapon to repeat history. In order to solve the problem, we should start with the root, go deep. We need to enhance our education, reduce TV violence, teach more ethics in families, raise more programs in order to better our communities. The only way to stop crimes is to stop people from having the motive to commit them, simply taking away one of their tools is not enough.