I think that all the college I have picked would benefit me more than any four year college, because I don't like school and I want to stay out of it as long as I can, so the colleges that I have picked are only two year colleges. Plus I will have to pay for college myself so this would be cheaper to go to than any four year college that I know of. The college that I have picked will teach the things that I will need to get a job right away, for example I will not have to take any English classes or any class like that are required here in Anoka. One of the weakness that going to a two year college I think is that I would be only majoring in one thing instead of majoring in a couple of things and minor in another couple of things.
I think all of the occupations that I have picked will treat me very good in life. By that I mean I will not have to worry about money or not having a job, because all of the occupations that I have picked showed an increasing demand in that line of work in Minnesota. Plus they all interest me in one way or another. For example if I became a teacher I would be very unhappy for a couple of reasons, which are, you have to go to school a lot longer and you don't get paid very much considering how long you went to school, I don't like teenagers very much I do but not when I have to make them listen to me, and finally nothing about teaching interests me at all. But the one bad thing of all of the jobs that I have picked there is something that can happen to you that could end your career, but I guess that would be good in some cases because you can get workmen's comp., unless you got hurt so bad that you couldn't enjoy your early retirement. Plus the tool maker uses math, which I am kind of good in but they only use the basics trig.. and geometry. Some of the good things the tool maker has is they work a lot but the work that they is not very hard compared to some other jobs that are out there. Plus there is some heavy lifting but they let you use specials tools to carry them so you don't get injured, because they make everything almost out of solid steel, and they have to heat treat it which makes it even heavier. The risen why they don't have to know as much math as they used to is because it is almost all computerized, which is good and bad. The good part is you don't have to know so much math and the bad thing is that you have to know how to use a computer and the software. So of the bad things in being a tool maker is that you have to learn how to use a lot of different programs, plus you have to know what kind of machines would be best to use for the tool that you are making. Like if you are going to use a hot runner system or a cold running system, or if you are going to buy one or buy the parts for and build it yourself. Or if you want to have hot points in the mold, which keep the plastic hot in the mold so you don't have to have a runner system. Conclusion
I'm am defiantly going to college, which one I am not quiet sure yet. But I think I am leaning towards becoming a tool maker, because they make good money and you don't have to go to a four year college to become one. Plus over brake I went to work with my dad, because he has tool makers that work there, so I spent a couple hours with the leader guy and he should me the things they have to do. It didn't look to hard to do and it looked pretty easy to. Plus they work with there hands a lot which I like doing so