Analysis : Armageddon

English 1001



A couple of years ago a movie came out called Armageddon. Armageddon was a smash hit in the box office. It was a fictional movie about a deadly asteroid headed for earth. A team of astronauts were sent into space to stop the destroy the asteroid before it hit the earth. After everything imaginable going wrong; the team saves the earth. The team comes home safely with the exception of the hero. This is one of America’s classic action movie films with the same ending. The movie ends with someone dying and someone getting the girl. The events of Armageddon are quite unbelievable and hard to grasp.

First, the actual plot is impossible. The asteroid is traveling at thousands of miles an hour and heading towards earth. There are two teams sent into space to destroy the asteroid with a nuclear weapon. The nuclear weapon must be inserted and detonated in the center of the asteroid. In order to insert the nuclear weapon the two teams must drill halfway into the gigantic rock with a giant drilling rig. The two teams and NASA somehow fly two giant drilling rigs into space and plant the nuclear warhead in the center of the asterid. This whole concept is quite absurd. It seams odd that two space shuttles can land on a giant rock traveling at thousands of miles an hour.

The next part of the plot is even more unbelievable. Instead of sending a crew of professionally trained astronauts into space, NASA sends a crew of roughnecks. NASA sends some of America’s dirtiest workers on the Continent. Instead of sending people who have been trained to make trips like this they send big, fat, and out of shape drillers. These six men know nothing about space or anything of that matter. Most men and women spend years training for missions such as this one. Astronauts go through extensive training to qualify for this type of job. These six men train for a total of two and a half weeks. All of the men clearly fail all test required to be sent into space. Regardless, NASA sends these men to save the world from total destruction.

Finally, after all that goes wrong they pull of the mission and save the day. Everything that could go wrong; did go wrong. Their docking station blows up, and everyone goes crazy. The crew ends up with one more passenger than they should have. At that he is a Russian space cadet. They all survive they traitorous weather conditions of the speeding asterid and are unaffected. Once they have successfully landed on the asteroid they continue drilling. Next, they lose total contact with earth. Then NASA decides to remote detonate the bomb. The crew on the asteroid overrides the bomb and continues to drill successfully and plant the bomb. As expected the hero must detonate the bomb on the spot. The hero dies and the world is saved.

This movie shows how monotonous American films can be. Every action film is the same. The world is in trouble and desperate. There is always someone unexpected called upon to help. The person or persons called upon are always dirty and grimy. The plot is usually farfetched and absurd. Armageddon is outrageously absurd and unbelievable. Many critics would agree that Armageddon can be considered the worst of them all.