An Inspector Calls

In the original “an Inspector Calls” all 3 scenes are set in the dining room of a “prosperous manufacturer” with furniture relevant to the time. This is reflected in our interpretation by the ding table and chairs being replaced with

a sofa, the drinks cabinet for a fridge but we decided to keep the fireplace to keep more of an upper class feel.

families do now, this is also where Gerald and Mr Birling find out if anyone was taken to the infirmary.

the change in feelings towards the inspector.

I think Priestley used a dining table to emphasise the communal atmosphere originally demonstrated as the occasion of a party was upheld throughout the play. In our interpretation the Birling’s own a computer as many middle class

When the play begins the lighting should be soft and subtle to connote the family and cheerful atmosphere this will also emphasise the change when the inspector enters and the lighting is changed to bright and bold which signifies to the audience