The islamic religion started out in the sixth century, creating new drama for the west. While Christianity had been proclaimed the official religion of the eastern empire. (Kagan, p.200-202). The muslims were lead by a man named Muhammad, a man who believed the angel Gabriel spoke to him and gave him wisdom. When he formed his religion he took elemants from both christianity, and judeism, and believed Jesus as only a prophet. Not God\'s son. And Allah as the one true god. This new found religion was thought to be threatening by the Westerners. Muslims they were expected to follow seven rules set by Muhammad, supposidly by Gadriel. They were to wash and pray facing the mecca five times a day; Be honest and modest in behavior; Be completely loyal to the Islamic community; Abstain, always from pork and alcohol; contribute to the needy; Fast for one month each year during daylight hours; And make a pilgrimige to Mecca to visit Ka\'ba once in their lifetime.(Kagan, p. 204-205). It seems to me from day one the Muslims had every intention of taking over the entire world. They wanted to rule all religions. However, after Muhammad died disputes began to arise among the Muslims over the shape of the Ceslamic society. Three feuding groups were formed. One was called the Kharijites who were succeded from Ali, and wanted to allow only rigorously devoted Muslims to live in thier community. Another group, called the Shi\'a, was a minor group who believed Ali and his decendants were the true succesors of Muhammad. The third group, who followed Sunna, were called the Sunnis. They spurned exclusivism, and purism of Kharijites and the Shi\'a.(Kagan, p. 205). Eventually, the muslim empire broke up in to separate states, each claiming to be the one true succesor of Muhammad.

There are many differences between the christians and the Muslims, which is quite comical since the Muslim took part of the Christian believe and weaved it in to thier own. The Christians believe in the trinity. That God is the first member of the triune, and then Jesus, who is his son and co-exister, and then the holy spirit. The third member of the triune (who the Muslims believe in the angel Gabriel). They believe there is only one God, but he does co-exist. The muslims, on the other hand, believe there are no co-existers. To the christians, Jesus is God\'s son, to the Muslims, he is no more than merely a prophet. The christians also believe that Mary was the mother of God, that Muhammad is a liar, Jesus Christ was crucified, and he is coming back to take them to Heaven. The Muslims do not. They believe Mary was a virtous woman who was chosen to give birth to a great prophet. They believe the only things true in the bible are those confirmed by the Qur\'an, and that Muhammad was the last true prophet, the crucifixion never happened, and Jesus is coming back, but to call us all to Islam. ( It seems for years the two religions can not get along. Of course the Islamic religion still is based on the same beliefs. It has become an over powering society. The jews and Muslims have been fighting over the arc of the covenant for thousands of years now. The muslims believe their\'s is the only true religion and do try to overpower all others. This has turned to violence among the people. The religion may be pure, but the majority of the believers themselves have become angry and controlling. This is why people think the Islamic religion is nothing more than bombing the twin towers or killing endless amounts of jews and other people. The Islamic belief has strayed far from where it was first built, leaving a pure religion to look like terrorism.