Junior Composition Honors
Sr. Judith Diltz
Friday, November 20, 1998

1. Lorant, Stefan, Abraham Lincoln. New York, Harper And Brothers., 1957. pp.

This section of the book talks about President Lincoln’s Assassination. President
Lincoln did not feel that anyone would ever want to kill him. Lincoln was shot on April
14, 1865. He was going to see a play at Ford’s Theatre. He was assassinated by John
Wilkes Booth. Booth had been planning this conspiracy for a long time. This
assassination was one of many attempted ones by Booth and his fellow conspirators.

Booth had carved a hole in Lincoln’s box so that he could observe him during the
play. Booth jumped into the box and shot Lincoln in the head with a derringer. Lincoln
was carried over to The Peterson House across the street. He died there at 7:22 the next
morning. Booth got away on a waiting horse outside. He was chased by the calvary and
was found in a barn. He was captured by setting the barn on fire and flushing him out.

2. “Assassination Of Lincoln” Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia. Computer software.
Buffalo, New York: Encarta 97 Encyclopedia, 1993-1996. CD-ROM.

This article is a summary of the events leading up to, the assassination, and the
events after Abraham Lincoln’s death. He was killed April 15, 1865. His assassin was a
man by the name of John Wilkes Booth. Lincoln was planing to attend a play at Ford’s
Theatre that night. Booth shot him that night.

Booth shot Lincoln with a small pistol known as a derringer. Booth managed to
escape but was caught twelve days later when he was found hiding in a barn. He
underwent surgery at a boarding house across the street from the theater. Lincoln died the
morning after he was shot. His body was sent to Springfield, Illinois for burial.

3. Peterson, Roger S. “Declassified,” American History, July/August 1996, pp. 22-26.

This article summarizes the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas
Texas, on Friday, November 22, 1963. Also discussed is the investigation that followed.
Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald, an ex-Marine. Kennedy was in a
convertible, being driven in a parade. This article also talks about the conspiracies that
were part of the assassination. Some researchers think that organized crime was involved
in the assassination.

Researchers reasoned that the shot that killed Kennedy must have come from
behind him. There was however, another shot that came from the front. This was proved
by medical examination conducted by Parkland Hospital officials in Dallas. The
commission that was appointed to study this tragedy was headed by chief Justice Earl
Warren. It is not known who fired the second shot. Some other researchers contend that
the CIA plotted Kennedy’s assassination.
4. Fraser, Richard A.R., M.D. “How Did Lincoln Die?,” American Heritage
February/March 1995, pp. 63-70.

This article talks about what actually killed President Abraham Lincoln. John
Wilkes Booth is Lincoln’s assassin. It is not known whether the shot that Booth took
actually killed the President. Neurosurgeon, Richard A.R. Fraser, has reason to believe
that the surgeons that operated on Lincoln after he was shot. Improper medical
procedures played an important role in his death.

The derringer, the weapon used to shoot Lincoln, is a relatively weak weapon.
Hence, Lincoln may have lived if the doctors had not improperly operated on him, he may
have survived. The two surgeons present have different stories as to where the bullet
lodged. The surgeon that was operating used his unsterilized finger to probe the hole in
Lincoln’s head. This caused infection which contributed to Lincoln’s death.

5. Wooley, Bryan. “The Day John Kennedy Died,” Dallas Times Herald, November 20,
1983: IN: SIRS 1991 History, Article 2.

This article is a very in depth summary of President John F. Kennedy’s death. It
contains very realistic dialog of the day President Kennedy was assassinated. He was
killed on November 22, 1963. He had just finished delivering a speech in Dallas, Texas.
He was in a convertible that was taking part in a procession.

Crowds lined the streets in massive numbers. All of a sudden, a shot was heard.
The president grasped for his neck. A second shot was fired. The President’s head
exploded, spraying blood on the passengers of the car. President Kennedy was taken to
The Parkland Memorial hospital where he was pronounced dead an hour later.

6. “Synopsis” (Nov. 16, 1998)

This article summarizes Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination. He was killed On April
14, 1865. John Wilkes Booth had been conspiring