Americanism is a combination of many important characteristics. The United States offers a good way of life. Americans choose to settle their disputes without fighting. We care about our fellow Americans. America is looked to for rule and help by the world. America is composed of caring citizens and leaders who look for a good life and can solve problems without fighting.
Economic opportunity is important in America. A person in America can change their way of life. Americans are not born into a set social class. By working hard, a person can rise to a very high economic level. Americans also have the opportunity to own their own land. This was one of the reasons to immigrate to America from the eastern world. Kings and lords already owned most of the land there. In America, there was enough land for everyone. The prospect of owning your own land is very appealing and can be credited with some of the rapid growth of America. America also has a large middle class. This middle class fills the gap between the upper and lower classes. That large gap was very hard to jump so lower class citizens were not likely to ever rise to the upper class. The large middle class allowed many people to live “the American dream.” This dream is one of having land and money of your own. This dream is an important part of the fabric of our nation.
Relief and reform rather than revolution have helped to keep our country together. By settling our disputes by making changes, we are able to spare many lives as well as a large amount of money. Our country has the oldest written constitution in the world. This is due mainly to the ability to amend it. When the Constitution was written room was left for improvement and growth. This has allowed the Constitution to grow with the nation. Many other constitutions have failed because of the lack of an amendment process. Another way our nation changes is through regularly scheduled elections. By having elections at a set time, we are able to vote someone out of office if we do not like them. In other nations, if you do not like the person in office you have to have a revolution to get rid of that person. Another advantage of our country is a set term for elected officials. Many offices that you are elected to have a maximum set term. This means that you are only allowed to serve the set time. After which you cannot serve in that position any longer.
Concern for the welfare of others is an important part of Americanism. Many Americans are members of organized caring groups. These groups include church groups, groups like the NAACP, and groups like Habitat for Humanity. All of these groups are non-profit organizations that help people in need. The organization determines the type of help available, but most Americans and non-Americans can get help from one of these groups if it is needed. I am a member of the Boy Scouts of America. We help people in need. Each year we support children for Christmas. Many churches have mission trips that members go on to help people in need. Schools often raise money or collect food for the needy. Our country also has several programs that allow you to give money monthly to support a child in a foreign country. Our country is also a member of the United Nations. This organization runs UNESCO which helps people around the world who are in need. Our country also provides Welfare for those in need. This program provides people with money, food stamps, and housing if needed. Americans support the program through taxes.
America has worldwide responsibility. Our country is looked to by the world for help and leadership. We are often considered the “policeman of the world.” When war breaks out the United States is often the country that settles the dispute. We are the world superpower in the military. Our responsibility in the world increases daily. If a country falls into despair, we are often asked for help. Our country has provided many other nations with military and financial support when they were in need. An example is