Almost Lost

Ryan Kilmartin



Almost Lost essay

Author: Beatrice Sparks, Ph. D

The novel Almost Lost was written by Beatrice Sparks. These novels, as well as other novels she wrote were based partly on her experiences in high school. My reaction toreaction to “Almost Lost” is that it is the life of the average struggling teenager living in the city. Paul having just moved from Saskatoon, Alberta had had to make a transition that is not easy for a teenager. The normal problems that a teenager must deal with are compounded by adjusting to a new life not knowing anyone. I like Paul’s character because he persisted in trying to deal with everything and he did not give up. I think any teenager can identify with this. I think that the main theme of “Almost Lost” is fighting to gain happiness. “If you aren’t happy and at peace with the place or people where you are, you aren’t going to be happy and at peace with yourself.” (93)The novel Almost lost was written by Beatrice Sparks. This novel, as well as other novels she wrote were based partly on his experiences in high school,. Paul was not satisfied until he was able to find peace in his life. This peace would lead to his happiness. This tells the reader that even though we got discouraged, we cannot give up. Paul explains how the only way to get through high school is to keep a smile on your face and not take the bad things so seriously. where he says, “theThe only way to get through high school alive was by laughing”. This novel relates to teenagers about hhigh sschool and how their high school is different. This novel is based in varioustakes place in hHigh Sschools in New York City.

One of the main characters, Paul, has just moved to New York from Saskatoon, Alberta. This novel”Almost Lost” takes place in the mid 1980’s. At this high school, Don Carey High, none of the students or teachers carecares about anything that goes on within the school. They have no team spirit at all,all; there are no teams or clubs because no one shows interest. Shelton Pryor was Paul’s best friend; he was more outgoing than Paul. He didn’t care what the consequences of his actions would be he just wanted to have fun. Shelton was upset because of the facts that nobody cared about the school. He had the idea that if they got a student to run for class body president things would change. Paul Abrams is a conniving teenager who causes trouble when he is around his best friend Sheldon.

Since he was the new kid, he acted shy and quiet until he made some friends. Paul met a teen named Sheldon, he was Paul’s first friend in New York and they shared similar interests. When he arrived at Don Carey High he felt weird because it was a dump and know nobody careds about what happened to it. Paul knew right from wrong but Sheldon did not, so Paul got in trouble when he was around Sheldon. Paul’s nickname was “ambition” because he was the only one with ambition goals in his life. Mike Otis is a main character that is certainly not popular at Don Carey High. He is an unusual person who is shy and he mostly keeps to himself. He always wears a big raincoat and safety pins in his jeans. Mike is a dweeb who minds his own business. Mike was also a paranoid person. For example, he gave the wrong address and phone number to the school so if something happened they could not contact him. That is why Paul and Sheldon chose him to be student body president because nobody knew him and no one would suspect anything. I believe that the heroe’s of this novel isis Shelton and Paul because they gotencouraged the kids at the school to believinge in themselves for the first time in many years. Don Carey High would have never had Mike Otis as the student body president. The school would never have never entered the science fair, the basketball league, ornor hadwould the school renovated if Paul and Shelton would