Almost fifty years ago, an incident occurred in the southwestern desert of

the United States that could have significant implications for all mankind. The incident

was announced by the U.S. military, and denied by the U.S. military, and has remained

covered-up in the government for the past fifty and hopefully not another fifty years. It is

not a hoax or false claim, but rather a known event that is thoroughly documented. It is

the objective here is to summarize the details of the events and interviews of that event,

affirm the right of all people throughout the world to know the truth about what occurred,

and propose a course of action that will allow the truth to emerge.

It was July 1947, the day started out just like any other day. People of Roswell

were going off to work, going downtown shopping, and the little ones were at

playgrounds with their mothers. Day in and day out townspeople would drive by the

military without giving it much thought. However, this day, in Roswell, New Mexico

would change the course of history, and how the public thinks of themselves, God

and the outer limits of space!

Roswell New Mexico was in the middle of the desert. Here was a vast open land

where one could see miles around. On this afternoon something very strange was about to

happen. In the clear skies of Roswell a very large craft ended its flight. Was this a

weather balloon or an Unidentified Flying Object?

There were many eye-witness reports of alien creatures lying next to their

destroyed crafts. One or two may have survived for a few days. The military quickly

cornered off this area, removing the particles and the bodies. A local funeral director got

a call for numerous child size coffins. He was to deliver them to the rear of the military

base. Major Marcel was an officer on the scene who took part of the ship home. He

spoke to the press about the crash, but soon told never to discuss it again. What he saw

was a weather balloon. The press received a news release saying that a few officers had

jumped to conclusions.

To this day the government denies the fact that spaceships exists. Is this a massive

cover up or science fiction? My I-Search will delve into these questions. I will try to

obtain the truth and allow my classmates to decide if we are being visited from other

planets or not?

I chose this topic because of my interest in space and whether life exists on other

planets. Is Their technology is far more superior to ours? Why can't we work together to

solve the mysteries of the planets? I believe these aliens do exist and I will try to prove it!

This will affect my life, because I've always wanted to know if anything or anyone

else exists in the universe. What if the government uncovered the truth? Would there be

total chaos or would we want to meet other space beings?

I hope to find out why the government is continuing to cover up the Roswell

incident. Why haven't the Presidents told us the truth since 1947? I will write to

Washington and demand an answer.

Happenings in 1947

On July 2, 1947, during the evening, a flying saucer crashed to the ground at the

Foster Ranch near, Corona, New Mexico. The crash occurred during a severe

thunderstorm. ( The military base nearest to the crash site is in Roswell, New Mexico.)

Roswell is more closely associated with this event than Corona, even though Corona is

closer to the crash site.

On July 3, 1947, William “Mac” Brazel and his 7 year-old neighbor Dee Proctor

found the remains of the crashed flying saucer. Brazel was foreman of the Foster Ranch.

The pieces were spread out over a large area, more than half a mile long. When

Brazel drove Dee back home, he showed a piece of the wreckage to Dee’s parents, Floyd

and Loretta Proctor, they all agreed the piece was unlike anything they had ever seen.

On July 6, 1947, Brazel showed pieces of the wreckage to Chaves County Sheriff

George Wilcox. He called Roswell Army Air Field (AAF) and talked to Major Marcel,

the intelligence officer. Marcel drove to the