What are aliens? There are illegal aliens. Their are UFO aliens. You
have to ask yourself one question, do you think there could be intelligent life
other than the human race? I do. Aliens are creatures, things, phenomena. No
one can explain them nor can any one prove their existence, but there are
millions of people who believe they're out there. I'm not talking about ID4
aliens, or anything like that. I am talking about intelligent life that may
just be coming here to study humans.
There have been many cases of close encounters of the third kind. Where
aliens have abducted people and studied them. Some of the people that do
believe this think it is evil. But if the United States government found an
alien. They would probably study it in the same we aliens have studied humans.
Many people are UFO fanatics and live life to see UFO's. These people
go out and search for UFO sightings. Do UFO's exsist that is the Question?