Albert Fish: The REAL Hannibal

Albert Fish was born in May of 1870 in Washington D.C. At the age of only 5 his father died and his mother could not support the both of them so he was to be put into an orphanage. During his time at the orphanage there were many odd and disturbing occurrences. He was beaten by the workers and members of the orphanage and also was involved in child molestation. He saw many things that most likely provoked him at a young age to do the many things he did. Soon after, his mother was able to gain enough money to retrieve her son from his current residence. Not too soon afterwards he was playing outside, as most young boys do, and he was up in a Cherry tree and lost his balance and fell causing him to suffer minor brain damage that was only going to progressively grow worse. He did not live the most wonderful childhood but after growing older and maturing he met his wife and they together produced 6 normal children. After realizing what mistake she had made and how Albert’s strange habits truly affected her she decided to leave him which put him in a long and gruesome state of depression. He in particular was (in my opinion) one of the less commonly known, yet more dangerous serial killers of time.

He himself, as a person, had many strange habits that would lead a person to believe he was not completely mentally stable. He at times would perform strange disciplinary actions toward himself, such as, beating his pelvis area with a paddle bearing pointed needles. Albert Fish I’m sure only was trying to accomplish one thing and that is PURE pleasure. As a saddo-masochist he only wanted to bring pain upon himself for many years until he realized how much fun it could he to perform tasks of pain on to others. During his time of cannibalistic behaviors there was a meat famine in China where they would kill young children and sell them for food, paying up to $3 sometimes more per pound. This inspired Fish to, “test it out”, as he stated.

One of the most widely known stories involving Fish is the story of Gracie Budd. Gracie only 10 yrs. Old, was the young grand daughter of two people whom Fish was able to swindle into believing he was a very honest and respectable man. After he introduced himself as “Frank Howard” on the day of May 28, 1928, he became very close to the Budd family. One day he asked the Budd family if he could take young Gracie to spend the day with him and go to his nieces birthday party, the Budd’s trusting “Howard” so much allowed him to take her not knowing the things they would later face and definitely not knowing it was the last time they would ever speak to their beloved Gracie.

On the day of the incident he took young Gracie to a house far away from all where he lured her into the room and choked her to death and soon after decapitating her. This was the beginning of his cannibalistic acts. He cut her into many pieces making sure to keep her stomach area and rear for it was the tenderest part. After the Budd’s came to realize what was going on they phoned for the police but nobody could ever figure out who “Frank Howard” was. Six years later Fish sent an anonymous letter to Mr. and Mrs. Budd stating that he had killed Grace and eaten her body. The police were able to track the letter back to some apartments where they were able to determine that Albert Fish was the killer. Police had searched and searched and finally reached the destination they had been hoping for all along. The community on the other hand was shocked and I’m sure very careful with trust. After pleading insanity and being found guilty and no insanity (for he had before served time in a mental institution), Fish was sentenced to the Electric chair; his only reaction towards his sentencing was telling the judge, “Thank you for this is the only pain I have yet to endure and