Air Jordan is thought of by many people as the best basketball player ever to play in the NBA. One of
Throughout Jordan's career he has done just that, and that is why he is the greatest basketball player ever to
Michael was born in Brooklyn, New York on February 17, 1963.
He has two brothers and two sisters. His two brothers names are Larry and James. His
two sisters names are Delores and Rossland. After he was born his family moved to Wilmington, North
Carolina. James and Delores Jordan, Mike's parents thought it would be a better place to raise children.
Mike loved to play sports with the neighborhood kids.
By the time he was twelve he was named the Leagues M.V.P. in baseball. His picture
was put in a local newspaper. He could throw the hardest on his team so he was the pitcher. In school
Jordan was never an outstanding student. He made average grades, which were good enough to get him
through school. When Mike was 12 he entered Virgo Junior High School. At that time he played football,
basketball, and baseball. "Michael always hated loosing," said Fred Linch, his coach in junior high and
high school. During tense moments, Jordan would stick out tongue. His father did the same thing when
was working in the garage or on the car.
Michael was 5 feet, 10 inches when he entered Laney High School in 1978. No one in
the Jordan family ever reached six feet. So Mike nor anyone in his family thought he would play
professional basketball. But Michael was already two inches taller than his dad and three inches taller than
his brother, Larry. Michael played quarterback on the junior varsity football team, and he also was the
starting point guard for the junior varsity basketball squad. The new picks for the varsity squad were
coming up and when he didn't make the team he was furious. Then he began working harder than ever. As
soon as Michael practiced as much as he possibly could he started cutting classes to spend more time in the
gym. When he was suspended, his father had a long talk with him to get his head on straight.
In the summer of his sophomore year, he had grown a full five inches. Now he was 6',
3". After that he gave up football to get better at basketball and later he gave up baseball in his junior year.
As a senior, Michael was 6', 5" and he averaged 27.8 points per game. When the end of the year was
approaching he seriously started thinking about colleges.
At the end of the year he decided to go to the University of North Carolina in 1981.
Before he went off to UNC he attended the Five Star Basketball Camp where all the famous basketball
stars go like Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. When he got back to UNC, he couldn't believe he got the
starting role. He was so exited about the team. Jordan, however, became angry when his teammates didn't
practice hard. So he would talk trash. That means he would tell them they were not good so they would
play harder. His first game was against Kansas. They won 74-67. Michael averaged 20 points per game
that year. The next year Tarheels made it to the NCAA finals. Their rivals were the Georgetown Hoyas. I
will take you back to the last 15 seconds of that terrific game. Hoyas were up 61-62. Jordan takes it down
the court. Then he dribbles around the key and doesn't pass the ball. The clock ticks away 3 - 2- 1. Jordan
shoots it. Thousands of fans hold their breaths. Swish, it d!
rops through the net. Sophomore Michael Jordan wins the NCAA championship. He also became the
greatest basketball hero at UNC. The name Michael Jordan began to spread through the country rapidly.
As a junior, Michael decided not to become a senior and entered the 1984 draft early.
Jordan was drafted to Bulls third after Houston Rockets picked Hakeem Olojuwon and
the Lakers picked Same Bowie. Michael's new team was at the bottom 100%. It would take a