Imagine this, one morning you wakeup next to someone who you only know by
their first name. You can\'t believe you took this person home with you. Then a month
later you find out that by sleeping with this person you have contracted the HIV virus. All
your goals and dreams shattered by a one night stand.

I hope to inform you about the AIDS and HIV disease. Also, I am going to
explain to you what it is, who it affects and how it is passed. How to prevent yourself
from getting it and treatments for it.

HIV is characterized by a gradual breakdown of the immune system. Mostly
common sicknesses. A healthy person has 800 to 1200 CD4 tecells per cubic millimeter
of blood. Found in HIV this number progressivly declines. Where a persons cells drop
below 200, the body is greatly vulnerable to sicknesses and cancers that start the end
stage of HIV-AIDS.

AIDS is characterized by having your immune system devastated by HIV. You
have AIDS if on contracts certain kinds of puenomia of rare types of cancer. After
contracting AIDS you will likely die in a very short amount of time.

First, when it originated. AID\'s originated somewhere in Africa about 25-30 years
ago and was thought to have been brought here in the \'70\'s. It first appeared in
heterosexuals of both the sexes. It was probably spread so quickly through female
prostitutes. AID\'s has already become a crisis of staggering proportions in parts of
Africa. In Zaire, it is estimated that 20% of their people carry the virus. That is 2 out of
every 10 people you see walking down the street. And that figure is increasing. And if
no cure is found that same thing will happen here in the United States.

AID\'s was first seen only seen as a gay made disease in this country. That was
because of the numerous parteners an average gay male had, but that statement is totally
false. The HIV virus knows no skin color, sex, age, or gender. It can infect you, me, or
anybody else, gay or straight. It can also affect rich and famous to the every day person.
Since 1981, out of 500,000 reported cases, 900,000 more may have HIV. Currently
growing most rapidly in minorities.

You can\'t get it by causual contact like shaking hands or hugging. Although traces
have been found in salva to prove that you can\'t get it through kissing. There is no
evidence that sharing food or eating utensils. The same is for coughing and sneezing.

By these reasons you shouldn\'t be scared of being near someone with AIDS.
People who think otherwise are motivated by ignorance and uneducation, not fact.

Sexual activity is one of the primary ways AIDS is spread. It is transmitted
primarily through blood or semen.

The virus can enter the body through imering of vagina volva penis, becum or
mouth during sexual inercourse. HIV is frequently spread through use of intervirus drug
users. They commonly share needles.

Women can transmit the virus to the fetus during pregnancy. It can also be spread
through the mother\'s milk.

Many people don\'t develope any symptoms when first infected. But some people
have flu like symptoms with in a month or two after getting. They may also have a fever,
headache and enlarged lymph nodes. These symptoms usually go away after a week or so,
and might be mistaken for some other viral infection. More severe symptoms may not
occur for a decade or more.

As the immune system deterioratists a variety of different symptoms begin to
surface, such as, lymph notes enlarging again and stay enlarged more than three months,
lack of energy, weight loss, frequent fevers and sweats.

Since no vaccine is availible the only way to prevent it is to avoid behaviors that
would put you at risk. Sharing needles and having unprotected sex, for example.

Many people have no symptoms. There is no way of ever knowing weather a
sexual partner is infected. Abstinance is the best way to asure you will not get AIDS
through sex.

When AIDS first surfaced in the United States, no drugs were availible to fight it.
Over the past ten years new drugs and therapes have been developed. These drugs do not
cure it, but inturupt and slow down its growth to give the person a longer life. Currently,
there is no treatment that shows significant promise for a cure.

In conclusion, AIDS is a life and death issue. To have the disease means to