Age of Exploration

Ever since the world begins, the most important thing for, not just humans, but all beings, is its own survival. To have a better chance of surviving in this selfish world comes the need of great power, as long as a person, or a nation keep themselves superior to others, no one can have any objection about their existence. To maintain that superior power, wealth is exactly what it takes, with wealth, it comes power, thatís the basic rule for society and survival, it hasnít being changed since the world begin, and it never will. Wealth is everything to maintain oneís life, without wealth, the one simply donít have a life.

Before in the ďAge of ExplorationĒ, nations simply couldnít understand that working, trading and research new technologies with one another can bring more benefits than conquering each other. In most cases, a nation waste more wealth and human resource on conquering each other than getting the benefits of others after they have conquered them.

After ages and ages of nonstoping action of killing each other out for their resources, they have finally learned. Cooperating with one another? No, they are not smart enough to think of that. The answer is ďexplorationĒ, if I do not have enough resource in the land thatís under my control, why fight others to get it when I can just find new places? So I can come back with more wealth (which means more guns by the way), and kill all others than take their resources. Oh, so they really didnít learnÖWill, at least they learned that is faster and more efficient to collect wealth by exploring than just pure fighting.

One of the biggest reasons that people walked in to the ďAge of ExplorationĒ. Is sociality, most people like to be different, to be superior. People can be equal under god, under law. Ya right, you live in the Queens NY, 10 dollars are stolen from the store, versus Bill Gazes, judge is going to think you stole the money even if all the evidence is pointed to Bill. Thatís why people want to be superior, with power and wealth, there are so many advantages. I donít care about others being equal, as long as I can take advantage of others, thatís human. To have more advantage than others, the minimum requirement is, again, wealth.

More people died under the name of god than all other war combine, is really funny when you think of that gods are suppose to save people. Face it, when there are winners than there are losers. The process doesnít matter! The result means everything! A point away from being the winner, So what? No one cares! In the real world, there are no first and second places; there is only winner and loser. We know the first person who walked on the moon is Armstrong, who is second?! Who cares?! I donít, the point is, in this world, the majorities are losers. So, for all these losers they form a loser society for the protection of themselves, the common name for all these loser society is, religion. Even thought they are losers, most of them want to be number one losers, they want their loser society, or religion to be the number one religion. For that, war and conflict is unpreventable, and again, again, again, what war cost the most is wealth.

Money! Thatís what exploration is all about! Explorationís main purpose is to find resources and better, safer, faster and more efficient trade routes; gold, spice, silk, trade, wealth! Without that, people just want to stay home and watch TV. Development in economy, society, religions, all need great amount of wealth. For the last time, Money is everything, thatís how everything begins and how everything will end.