Age of Discovery

In this essay I would be comparing and contrasting the European explorers and the Polynesian voyages. The Eurpean explored for the three G's. The three G's were God, Glory, and Gold. The European voyagers took God everywhere they went. The took God to the New lands that they discover. They bring missionaries to spread God to the new lands that they discover. Some of their instruments that they used were the compass, astrolabe, and the sextant. The compass was used as a navigation device to let them know what direction they were traveling in. The astrolabe was used to find the altitude of the stars. Last but not least of the instruments is the sextant. The sextant was used to find the angles of hevenly bodies to the horizon. Some of the risks that they took was that they didn't know what was ahead of them. Anpother risk was that they would fall of the earth since they believed that the world was flat. The acheivements of those voyages was that they found the New World and the land around it.
The polynesian voyages was to retrace the voyages of the ancient polynesians to settle in the polynesian triangle. Some of the technology that they used was fiberglass canoes instead of the traditional wood canoes. The other technology that they used was that they used satelite communication for safty reasons after the loss of Eddie Aikau. They also have an escort boat with them at all times, again for saftey. The risks that they took upon undertaking this journey was drowning, hypothermia and other risks. Thier accomplishments was on how accurate traditional navigational metods were. Another accomplishment was on how preformance accurate the polynesian canoes were. An accomplishment on the 1980 voyage was that this was the first time a hawaiian navigated the Hokule'a round-trip. The accomplishment in the 1985-1987 voyage was that they extended thier sailing experience and traditions.
In comparing these two voyages, I can say that they both have things similar. They both were done with traditional methods. The European explorations used technology from thier owntime. The polynesian voyages used technology from the ancient polynesian times. These two technology comes from about the same time. They both used the stars to navigate. They also used boats to explore the oceans.
In contrasting the two voyages I can say that they both had many things different. One was in the 1500's and the other in the 1900's. One voyage took place in the Atlantic Ocean and the other took place in the Pacific Ocean. They also used different kinds of ships. One used ships and the other used canoes. Another difference that they both had was that one was with the Europeans and the other was with the Polynesians. Adifference that they both had was trhier reason for voyaging. The europeans voyaged fot the three G's. The polynestand voyaged for tradition and science.