After reading " I want a wife" by author Judy Brandy I found, it illustrated the rigid role that a mother in today's society performs a harder role than a father does. A mother has to take care of household chores, a child's life, and her husband needs.
Judy Brady describes the household chores that a mother goes through. Each day she has to wake up early in the morning in order to make sure that every member of the family eats a healthy breakfast, and prepare lunch for her child. On weekends, Mothers go grocery shopping. Also, mothers have to see that the family clothes are clean and iron. She has to keep track of who in the family needs new clothes. She has to keep the house well maintained and make certain that things are kept in a proper place for when they are needed.
Another reason why a woman's role is harder than a man is that the woman takes care of the children health. They make arrangements for doctors and dentists appointment. Mothers have to amuse there children when they're feeling down by bringing them to the park, playing games with them or just reading them a book to them every night. Furthermore, schooling is another big responsibility that a mother has to take seriously. Mothers have to make sure that their children are prepared for school, by registering them. In many other cases mothers have to sacrifice time in order to attend PTA meetings. So they know what's happening with their child's education.
The final role a mother has to play is making room for the husband's sexual needs. She has to make sure the husband is well satisfied, while giving passionate love. Woman have to supply special attention towards the husband during difficult times, and when the husband is unhealthy. Mothers have to make time to communicate with their husband. So, their relationship can continue to mature.
In conclusion, I agree that mothers perform a harder role than a father does. Due to the fact, that they have to take care of household chores, childcare, and marital needs. These rigid tasks are an everyday life situation that a mother encounter, in order to keep their family well balanced. I think that women do deserve more credit then they do receive, because their are the ones that do the suffering when giving birth. Fathers should realize this and give more attention toward a mother.