After reading ďA Rose for EmilyĒ by William Faulkner I was left wondering about Miss Emilyís sanity, her relations with her servant Tobe, the townspeople, Homer Barron, and her house. I came to the conclusion that the meaning of this story was being afraid of losing what is close to you. This was an easy conclusion for me to come to just from Miss Emilyís reactions to the loss of her father, Homer Barron, and how she acts with all of the townspeople. This story reminds me of the movie ďGood Will HuntingĒ because of how Emily just pushes everybody away and canít upon up to anyone just like Will does in the movie. Emilyís problem is just a little more severe as she goes to the grave with her secret and troubles.
Miss Emily herself is a very strange lady who doesnít seem to get along with anybody. I think Emilyís breaking point is when her dad dies and the entire town knows about it but Emily refuses to believe it for three days. It is by her choice though, as she doesnít allow anybody in her house except Tobe her servant. She seems to be on of those old fashioned ladies who doesnít want to change any with the times and wants to live just like she did when she was younger. Miss Emily doesnít seem to a very friendly person, as she doesnít talk to any of the townspeople, even when they would call her. Whenever people would talk to her she would make the conversation very quick and to the point, like with the men coming to talk to her about not paying taxes. I would have to say Emily was spoiled when she was younger and is used to always getting her way, just as she is as an older lady. Like when she goes to the pharmacy and tells the pharmacist she needs some poison. She gives no reason why, just demands it and she gets it.
Really the only person who was around Miss Emily that much was her servant Tobe and even he didnít seem to talk to her much. He didnít talk to anyone, and the only time he was seen was when he would come out of the house with a market basket. His voice was even hoarse sounding as if he didnít talk that much. One thing I canít understand about Tobe is that he had to know that Homerís dead body was in the house and he did nothing about it. I canít believe he didnít question Miss Emily about what she was doing or what she did. I think it was because he knew his role as a black servant and that maybe nobody would want to even listen to what a black man had to say in those days.
Emily really didnít have much relation with the townspeople besides when she gave china-painting lessons eight or ten years earlier. The townsmen that came over to talk to her about her taxes were the first people to come in her house in over ten years. Emily was quick to get them out of the house as fast as she could. Emily wasnít supposed to have to pay taxes because of a tale Colonel Sartosis had invented involving that Emilyís father had lent money to the town and the town was repaying her by not making her pay taxes. Also when there is some kind of smell coming from her house and all the people are scared to ask her about it they just sneak on to her lawn and sprinkle lime all over her house and lawn. I think she acts like this with these people because she doesnít want to worry about getting close with any of them, so she just shuts everybody out until Homer Barron comes along.
Emilyís seemingly only love Homer Barron, who was often seen with Emily, must have not been the right man for her. I really thought and so did all the towns people that Emily and Homer would marry. Especially when she would go out and buy him a complete toilet set and a mens outfit. Although their relationship wasnít really approved by some of