After having considered many other stories I came to the conclusion that the only contemporary event/issue that is not heard of yet is the unexpected killing of about twenty six Iranian men in Afghanistan. These twenty five diplomats and an Iranian reporter were killed in the Iranian embassy in Mazar Sharif, Afghanistan. In the Iranian newspaper it was said that a war might probably be in the near future for these two countries.
This future historic event is, and will be for the next generation, very important; as was the war between Iran and Iraq that started in the early 80’s and lasted for about six years. If a war is to take place between these two neighboring countries, many major effects will take place, and many will be affected by them. For my parents and I, the war would definitely have a personal affect since everyone in our family is currently in Iran. It also will have a major effect because many of my cousins, my mother’s cousins, close fiends, and many more would have to go off to war to serve their country. As many might know, when one goes to war, it doesn’t necessarily mean that that person will come back. This event would also have a community and national effect on Iran and its political status; as well as the global effect. The friendship between Iran and the United States will either improve, if the States take our side, or will deteriorate, if the States help Afghanistan by supplying them with military equipment like they did for Iraq in the previous war.
If one was to look back at this somewhat global event, it would probably have to fall onto the "cyclical" category since they would believe that history cannot be changed or controlled. Some might even believe that what comes around goes around. But…I believe that if I was to look back at this one day, I would see it as an "everybody" history; as I do for the Iran-Iraq war. Many people were affected by that event and because of it my entire life has changed. If there wasn’t a war, I would currently be in Iran, where everyone I know and love is, my life would be different, yet I definitely wouldn’t have all the opportunities that are offered for those, especially women, who want to enter University. I would look at all the lives that were destroyed by this war. Some people simply see the pictures and the movies (‘Not without my daughter’, ‘Private Ryan’), yet never know what it’s all about. I have actually been in the country while the war was taking place, and let me tell you that it’s no picnic.