After first learning that someone had written a biography of Jesusí life, I was a little skeptical. But, after thinking about this development over a period of time, I find it a very good idea. It is a good idea to write down Jesusí teachings and his way of life because over time stories are bound to be fabricated and stretched. We do not know when the Messiah will come again, we just know that he will. Jesus said he would come soon, but even he did not know when, for only the father knew. We must write down his teachings, at least for later generationsí sake.
After looking over the text, I have concluded that the writer of Mark was not Jewish, yet he still shows that Jesus followed the Jewish laws rather closely, despite what the Pharisees believed. He speaks of Jesus as the Jewish Messiah. But, reading through the text I have found something that I strongly believe in. Jesusí death brought salvation to all, not just the Jewish people. In Mark, salvation to all people probably portrays all people that live their lives for or in the ways of Jesus. That too seems ethical.
Something that I do have a problem accepting is the fact that in Mark, Jesus is portrayed as being misunderstood. The Pharisees, Sadducees, and even Jesusí own disciples apparently had a problem accepting Jesus for who he is, or at least while he was alive. I can understand why the Pharisees and Sadducees misunderstood Jesus, for they felt threatened by him and his preaching. But, I can not understand why his very own disciples would question him for who he was.
Another thing that I find hard to swallow is what Jesus said to his disciples about picking up the cross and following him. They obviously did not understand either. When asked by two of his disciples if they could rule on high with him after the Messiah came, he told them that he was not here to rule, but to serve. Jesus told his disciples that being a disciple would not bring glory, but segregation and degradation. That is hard for me to believe, why would the followers of the Jewish Messiah have to suffer? Why did Jesus have to suffer? If he was almighty, why did he not take his place and rule on high?
Though most of the gospel of Mark is theologically sound. Those who were unfaithful of Jesusí preaching would be put to shame when the Son of Man arrived. And those who accepted his words and became his followers would then enter into glory. Although they might suffer for a period of time, when the Messiah comes, they will receive redemption. This does put new light into Jesus dying for our salvation. He suffered for us, and he will get his redemption, just as we will one great day.
Although I donít believe Mark to be completely sound, I would have no trouble reading it in the company of my fellow Jewish Christians.