African Studies

Here is a statement that involves something that happened numerous years ago. These people are asking for what I think is based on revenge, a silly proposal of something that can't be paid off nor can it be excused. What they have put through was not right but there is no reason for silly proposal like this to be brought up especially when they knew that something like this would just be laughed of the table to begin with. If they knew that a proposal like this would be laughed off the table then why would they even bring it up? Well, you say respect and attention. That is true, but in our eyes, that will make toy look even worse. Trying to bring up a case and for that amount of money it would have been unrealistic to try to pay that off.
Also, there are more points like, it is a little late to try to get some justice for this now. Plus Africa was headed for the descending end of their continent because there was no leaders to help them get organized or contrive a plan to get ready for the 19th century. There were no leaders so then wouldn't it all be one big mess? All that had to happen was on tribe attack another then they retaliate with their friends who are bigger and badder which in my eyes could lead up to a huge civil war. That couldn't have been too good for them.
So I am opposing this new deal because it was a poposterous idea in the first place with the amount of money they were asking for. Also because the Europeans set you [Africa] up with your fate. You were destined to have this happen and become one of the smartest cultures to walk the Earth. The their personal reasons like; it will totally ruin our trade with the U.S. because they would be so bankrupt after spending all their money on you and more important Countries.