Affirmative Action is considered to be one of the most controversial dilemmas facing equal status of individual rights. Affirmative Action was implemented with the idea and hope that America would finally become truly equal. So far, it has lasted for thirty years and has not solved all of our current problems concerning equal rights. Affirmative Action was created with the intention of reversing discrimination, but this intention has created a mainstream of problems; some find the practices unfair, while some find it very helpful.
Many claim the portion of the public that agrees with Affirmative Action, are in a situation in which they will actually benefit from it. Based on the general publics opinion, Affirmative Action is usually based on the fact that it establishes a situation where there is an equal opportunity among minorities for employment. Prior to Affirmative Action, city, state, and government jobs were mostly given to the American male. But in present day, minorities and women have gained a tremendous increase in the application of jobs in those workplaces. Under Affirmative Action suppose that an American male and a minority are applying for the same job. The American male, in this example, is more qualified than the minority, therefore, the American male should be hired for the position. But due to the guidelines of Affirmative Action, also known as the quota system, the company must hire the minority. This advancement in solving the problem of racial inequality in America’s workplace creates diversity, but also establishes government resentment. In the workplace, critics argue that because of Affirmative Action, now they are being treated unequally. Jobs in which they are more likely to succeed in are, instead, being passed down to less qualified minorities. Not only does this affect the potential white employees, but the employer also has to suffer this condition. Employers are being asked to hire less qualified worker and sometimes for more money too.
Affirmative Action is also very influential in the educational system. Minority students who have not been given a chance to attend college, now have the opportunity to do so. They have a chance to study at good schools and receive proper education. Through this education, these minorities are given the chance to get a fresh start at securing their future. Many Americans believe that the minorities have taken the role of the American student. Making good grades in the college of their choice, should not be affected by the ‘quota’ of minorities. Some feel that the minorities who do not rank as high in academic achievements, should not be given the same equality academically. It may be that Affirmative Action has allowed more minority students and teachers to enter into universities, but it does not necessarily mean that they are not qualified. Affirmative Action does give the minority a greater opportunity to succeed. Just maybe, Affirmative Action revealed someone that was overly qualified, but lacked the resources or self-esteem to pursue such endeavors.
Critics of Affirmative Action argue that this ‘quota’ is unfair. American’s are being forced to participate in a program that does not necessarily affect the American directly. Many Americans feel their ancestors are to blame for racism in the world today, but what many seem to forget is that racism has never ended. Racism’s root were implanted over a century ago in the mind of the white man, and it’s effect carries on. It is true that America’s ancestors have much of the blame, but even today’s society continues to follow their doctrine. Many criticize the governments judgment and do not feel they should be given the burden that Affirmative Action constitutes. Minorities are not enjoying receiving the benefits of employment and education, while Americans suffer the repercussions. Color, nationality, sex are not attributes that entitle anyone to more (or less) of the good thing of life, or to any special favor.
Affirmative Action is a subject that is very controversial. Affirmative Action should definitely be studied more into. The government needs to do additional research in improving its present situation. Affirmative Action should be based on the fact that it is giving equal opportunity with equal results. If society continue to differentiate people based on the their color, gender, or nationality, then society has not achieved anything.