Aerious Jeffery
Dr. Whitley
ENG 1302. S15
An notated Bibliography: The Effect of Feminism
Sprenger, Ellen. "Rethinking Funding for Women's Rights."  Sur: International Journal on Human Rights , vol. 13, no. 24, Dec. 2016, pp. 265-270.
In this article, the author, Ellen Sprenger discusses key points that she believes is affecting women's rights organizations (WRO). Ellen Sprenger is an experienced worker in leading women in civil society. She focuses on having and keeping a sustainable, independent, and impactful women's rights movement. Throughout the article, Sprenger analyzes how the women's rights organizations fail to raise resources from diverse resources and discusses how they can more effectively do this. She then discusses how the women's rights organizations can respond to and repair financial problems or uncertainty. Lastly, Sprenger provides information of how to directly impact the strategies of donors. Overall, Sprenger is outlying and keying out her key points to help the women's movement with any functions they present and that they prepare for others.
Gill, Rosalind and Shani Orgad . "Confidence Culture and the Remaking of Feminism."  New Formations , no. 91, July 2017, pp. 16-34. EBSCO host , doi:10.398/NEWF:91.01.2017.
Throughout this article, the authors, Rosalind Gill and Shani Orgad discuss how the confidence culture is deeply implicated in today's new version of  feminism . The two authors argue that this confidence culture contributes to the remaking of  feminism  in three main ways. One way is by continuing and promoting things about postfeminist sensibility, but doing so through celebration rather than repudiation of  feminism . Another way is through an inclusive address that expunges difference and the possibility of its critique. Lastly another way is by favoring positive  affect  and not favoring negative political feelings others express. Gill and Orgad argue that these three main ways call for a new kind of a cool and newer version of the feminist subject, also it is simultaneously political, psychological and aesthetic.