Advantages of a Videotape Compared To A DVD – Video

There are very little advantages of videotape compared to a DVD-Video some of which include the following:

o Recordable. Recordable DVD-Video will not be available in the home before the year 2001. Recordable DVD-Video technology will have to improve significantly and become much cheaper before it will become successful and widely spread.
Copy protection issues have seriously hampered other digital recording formats such as digital audiotape (DAT) will delay this vital feature.

o Established Market. VHS has been around for just over 20 years. Supposedly more than 30,000 different VHS titles are available within the United States and over 50,000 worldwide. It will take DVD an exceptionally long time to ever match up to these results, if they ever get round to it. Many titles available on tape may never appear on DVD. VHS also has a truly well established retail market Approximately 27,000 video stores in the United States are visited each week by over 65 million people, who in 1996, rented more than 3 billion videotapes and purchased more than 580 million. DVD must penetrate this market while it is being eroded by video-on-demand.

o No Regional Codes. A code can be added to a DVD disc so that it will not play in players or computers from certain geographic regions. Videotapes have no such codes.

o Multi-standard Players. Both DVD and Videotape must support two incompatible television systems: 525/60 (NTSC) and 625/50 (pal).
The video signal is stored differently for each system, and they are not inter- changeable. However, multi-standard VCR’s are available that can play either type of tape if connected to a multi-standard monitor.

o Availability and Support. Until DVD-Video becomes well established in the home market, it may be difficult to find repair shops and qualified technicians.