Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was born at an inn in Braunau, Austria, near the German border to Mr. Alois Hitler and Mrs. Klara Poizl on April 20, 1889. When in grade school, he always got good marks in all of his classes. Nobody is sure why, but later, when he got into high school he got low marks, possibly starting with his short, bad temper.
In 1914 he joined the German army, later fighting in World War One, being only 25. In 1919 he started the infamous Nazi party, later to drop out of the army in 1920. Their symbol was the swastika, known as a sense of unity and power. It looked like a cross with the four sides bent at right angles in a given direction. It looked somewhat like this.

In 1923, he led the Beer Hall Putsch, or rally. He was imprisoned for treason, only to be released nine months later. During his brief stay in prison, he began writing a book, Mein Kampf (My Struggle). In his book, he stated ideas and beliefs for Germany’s future. The Nazi party was a fascist movement.

In 1933, he was named Chancellor of Germany, and immediately began rearming his nation. Then in 1936, the moment came; it was time for war. He sent troops to Rhineland, later winning. In 1939, he began World War Two by invading Poland. During World WarTwo, he showed his hatred for Slavs and Jews by sending them to concentration camps, where they were likely to die an agonizing death. They were usually brutally murdered not knowing where, or when they were going to die, whether it was from showering with gasoline, being baked in the oven, or being killed in other ways that were likely to be just as painful, or worse.
In 1945, Adolf Hitler-Spreader of death and pain better than anybody else has done in history, committed suicide in Berlin, Germany. This is how he ended his life. It is where he ruled for many years.

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