(Publisher - Adobe Systems Inc.)
Established 1989

Editorial Profile
Adobe Magazine is edited to support and educate users of Adobe's desktop-publishing and
graphics software. Its contents include detailed software how-tos, profiles of interesting
users, in-depth articles on electronic publishing-related topics, Adobe product Q&A, and
profiles of industry leaders.

In 1997, Adobe expanded their editorial outlook to cover a broader range of Adobe's
publishing and digital-media products - specifically Premiere and After Effects, PageMill
and SiteMill, and FrameMaker. The magazine was also completely redesigned and
switched to international-standard A4 paper size, and the publication frequency was
changed to quarterly.

Target Audience
Adobe Magazine serves the electronic publishing, graphic arts, design, presentation, &
digital media market. Qualified recipients are registered owners/users of Adobe software.

Issuance & Closing Dates
Published quarterly (4x/year).

Winter (January) Space due 10/24/97, materials due 11/14/97
Spring (April) Space due 1/26/98, materials due 2/13/98
Summer (July) Space due 4/27/98, materials due 5/15/98
Autumn (October) Space due 7/27/98, materials due 8/14/98
Winter (January 1999) Space due 10/26/98, materials due 11/13/98

Source: BPA Statement (August 1997)
Circulation: 453,401 (qualified non-paid)

In 1997, Adobe's circulation almost doubled, from 350,000 to 600,000. More than
400,000 are qualified subscribers - those who specifically request subscriptions to the
magazine. The remaining are newly registered users who are targeted to become qualified
subscribers. The goal for 1998 is to reach 600,000 qualified subscribers.

Qualified Circulation Breakdown:
Architecture/Engineering 10,465 2.3%
Computer/Hardware 7,979 1.8%
Computer/Software 17,871 3.9%
Distribution/Wholesale 2,466 0.5%
Education 59,834 13.2%
Film & Video Production 9,706 2.1%
Real Estate/Legal 7,960 1.8%
Government 15,634 3.4%
Graphic Design 66,074 14.6%
Health/Medical Services 15,280 3.4%
Manufacturing 21,781 4.8%
Non-Profit 13,148 2.9%
Photography 11,339 2.5%
PR/Advertising/Marketing 32,051 7.1%
Professional/Business Services 11,408 2.5%
Publishing/Printing 42,163 9.3%
Retail Trade 4,029 0.9%
Service Bureau 4,121 0.9%
Transportation/Utilities 2,594 0.6%
Others Allied to the Field 47,155 10.4%
NOT INDICATED 50,343 11.1%
Total 453,401 100.0%

Geographic Breakdown: U.S. distribution 93.3%
Canada 6.4%
Other International 0.3%

Readership Duplication
Source: 1997 Reader Study

Adobe Magazine 67.1%
Macworld 31.7%
MacUser 29.2%
Publish 14.9%
PC Magazine 14.3%
MacWeek 13.5%
Electronic Publishing 7.9%
PC World 7.9%
Step-by-Step Graphics 7.4%
HOW Magazine 6.2%
Dynamic Graphics 5.8%
PC Week 5.2%
Corel Magazine 5.0%
Computer Graphics World 4.6%
Print 4.4%
Communication Arts 4.1%

Readership Studies
Source: 1997 Reader Survey

Self-employed 36.4%
Subscribe to an Internet service provider 85.1%
Own a modem 90.1%
Use a Windows operating system 72.8%
Use a Macintosh operating system 57.6%
Own a CD-ROM drive 95.0%
Keep back issues of Adobe Magazine 99.0%

International standard A4 format, 8-1/4" x 11-5/8", four color, glossy stock.

1998 Special Rates: 1x 2x 4x
Full Page 4 color $18,870.00 $17,905.00 $16,985.00 gross
$16,039.50 $15,219.25 $14,437.25 net

Editorial Coverage
Editorial is handled on a per issue basis. Regular editorial features include Q&A, Features,
How-to articles, Technology Spotlight, Reviews, Portfolio, Columns.

Special Opportunities
The Adobe Magazine Web Site (www.adobe.mag) is no longer published.

List Rental
The Adobe Magazine subscriber list serves registered users of Adobe Photoshop,
PageMaker, Illustrator, and other Adobe software products. List rentals are available by
product, platform, and zip code.

Base rate $150/M

Additional selects:
Platform $5/M
Zip code $5/M
Product $5/M

Minimum purchase $1000

Competitor Advertising
Digital Wisdom, Master Series, PhotoDisc, Image Club, Agfa Central Stock, PhotoSpin,
Cool Dudes.

Mechanical Specifications
Full Page: Bleed 8-1/2" x 11-7/8"
Trim 8-1/4" x 11-5/8" (8-17/64" x 11-11/16") ???????
Live Area 7-1/8" x 10-5/8"

4/c Materials: Negatives RRED + proof
Line Screen 150


Rep: Jeff Lalier
Adobe Magazine
411 First Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98104
ph (206)470-7629
fax (206)470-7106
e-mail: [email protected]

Ship Materials To: Leslie Nakagawa
Production Manager
Adobe Magazine
411 First Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98104
ph (206)470-7572
fax (206) 470-7106
e-mail: [email protected]

(Publisher - Applied Arts, Inc.)
Established 1985

Editorial Profile
Applied Arts is Canada's premier publication of the communication arts, examining and
showcasing the professional graphic design, advertising, marketing, photography, and
illustration communities in Canada and abroad. The magazine instructs and inspires its
readers by offering insight into the techniques and challenges behind outstanding design
work. Its contents reflect the increasingly diverse nature of graphic design and the
penetration of computer technology into the design process. Articles in Applied Arts
consist of inspiring imagery, paired with detailed and useful information: from advice on
how to get optimal results with limited budgets and time, to step-by-step breakdowns of
how successful design projects came to be. The magazine is a progressive, practical
resource for Canadian creative professionals.

Target Audience
Graphic designers, art directors, creative directors, copywriters, animators, photographers,
illustrators, multimedia producers, and Web designers.

Issuance & Closing Dates
Published bi-monthly (7x per year).

Awards Annual '98 Space due 11/18/97, materials 11/26/97(distributed January
March/April Space due 1/26/98, materials due 2/2/98 (distributed March
May/June Space due 3/23/98 , materials due 4/1/98 (distributed May 4)
July/August Space due 5/25/98, materials due 6/3/98(distributed July 6)
September/October Space due 7/20/98, materials due 7/29/98 (distributed
September 1)
November/December Space due 9/21/98, materials due 9/30/98(distributed
November 2)
Awards Annual '99 Space due 11/16/98, materials due
11/26/98(distributed January 11,1999)

Source: Sworn Affidavit, signed by a lawyer (December 1996)
Circulation: 12,000 average audited

No longer using CCAB. Previous audit was December 1996: Subscriptions
4,903 (45%)
Single copy sales
6,010 (55%)
10 (0%)

Qualified Circulation Breakdown:
Art Directors/Graphic, Multimedia, Web Designers/
Photographers/Illustrators/Animators 78.4%
Librarians, Professors, Students 15.5%
Editors, Writers, Publishers 1.9%
Communications Personnel - PR, Marketing, & Media Management,
Account Reps, Administrators, Communication Personnel 3.3%
Printers, Prepress/Desktop Technicians, Production Managers 0.9%

Geographic Breakdown: Canada 84%
United States 16%

Readership Duplication
Readers of Applied Arts also receive:

Communication Arts 30%
Step-by-Step 22%
Graphic Exchange 21%
Print 21%
EC&I 20%
How 17%
Publish 11%
Graphis 10%
I.D. 5%

Readership Studies
Source: Starch Readership Survey

+20% directly contact an advertiser to obtain more information on new product
+80% are not likely to refer to any other graphic design magazine