Abuse is happening everywhere in our world and is probably happening right now in this world. There are many kinds of abuse like women abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse and verbal abuse. I did my project on the Childrens Aid Society of Ottawa Carlton. The Childrens Aid concentrates on family problems and abuse. Women abuse is a crime. It's a serious problem in our world. We know quite a bit about it and we know that the victims are mostly the women and children. Across the country, three to five children in every school classroom are living with this reality. Even if the children themselves are not direct targets of the abuse, they are profoundly affected by the violence, the attitude of the abuser, and their own feelings about what is going on. It's a fact that children are deeply affected by witnessing violence in the home. Serious behavior problems are 17 times higher for boys and 10 times higher for girls who have witnessed woman abuse. When child witnesses abuse they child may believe it's acceptable for men to hit women, violence solves problems, men are powerful women are weak and they are responsible for stopping the abuse. Some children might exhibit these behaviors:
1) Temper tantrums
2) Fighting with siblings and classmates
3) Bullying
4) Approval-seeking behavior

The Childrens Aid Society's job is to help whoever in the situation and they accomplish this by:
1) Maintaining eye contact
2) Help the child discuss his/her feelings.
3) Follow your instincts. If you feel the child is trying to say something, ask a direct question.
4) Let the child know exactly what you're going to do. You will be available if they need to talk.
5) Be realistic and honest. Don't make promises you can't keep.
Attempt to find out what the child does during the violence in order to assess his/her safety needs.

The child might be feeling:
1) Anxiety, fear and shame
2) Anger, hopelessness and fear of own anger
3) Shame and guilt
4) Failure and helplessness
5) Grief and sadness
6) Burdened, responsible and overwhelmed

Children aren't the only one's that are abused women are abused also. A Canadian survey by Statistics Canada states that 51% of women over 18 have experienced at least one incident of physical or sexual violence since the age of 16. Approximately 74% of women are abused and 25% is directed at children. 40% of women abuse incidents begin during the time of the women's first pregnacy. In a Canada-wide study, abused women reported that their partners had abused their children physically(26%), psychologically(48%), and sexually(7%). If an individual is abusive in a dating relationship, the violence will likely increase after the couple marries. Violence or abuse usually occurs when the relationship gets serious, engaged or married. Abuse is very serious and if you are being violated in any way or anyone you know is you can contact The Children's Aid Society of Ottawa Carleton at 748-0670.