Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
The teenage years are often troublesome, filled with decisions, punishment, hard work, and school and for some, what they perceive as love. Almost everyone knows what being a teenager is like from his or her own past experiences. Although some decisions are harder than others for teens to make, one decision is probably the hardest: abstinence. Sex, something that should not be taken lightly. The decision to have sex should not be made while a teenager.
Growing up in a Lutheran private school, I have learned that sexual intercourse is not going to be something I engage in as a teenager before marriage. Having had sex education, I know enough about what goes on that I do not need to be curious and investigate. The thoughts of two teenagers, whose bodies are yet to grow and mature having sexual intercourse is inappropriate to me. Today, the entertainment media seems to think that teenage sexual conduct is something to make fun of and something that will make money. Although sex does sell well in movie theaters and home videos, it does not show real teenagers how they should act. Having sexual intercourse should not be considered as only a physical act of love, but as a gift to a future spouse.
Teenagers lose their virginity every day. They think a boyfriend or girlfriend will not stay with them unless they have sex. Teen magazine says that 70% of all teenagers who have had sex, did because of peer pressure. That leaves only 30% to other possibilities such as true love. To me, this seems outrageous. Teenagers should not even be thinking about sex, never mind having sex.
I believe that sexual intercourse should not be something to be proud of having while a teenager. The effects and damages can be brutal for anyone. The risks of getting sexually transmitted diseases or the chance of getting pregnant, even with the use of contraceptives is great. Of 12,000,000, Americans with sexually transmitted diseases 259 are teenagers. Also between 1982 and 1994 the HIV virus was the number one cause of death, even above suicide and cancer. In addition, the psychiatric effects on an immature brain can cause a person to be scarred for life. I have read many stories in magazines and from friends of mine who say that sex is not as big a deal as people make it. They also advice waiting as long as possible to find that special person before taking that step.
To help prevent teenagers from entering this final stage of choosing sexual intercourse before they are old enough or married, I believe that more schools should provide abstinence programs that actually work. Students should learn more about the after-effects of sex, rather than learning how to put on a condom. Teaching students that as long as they are using protection they are okay and nothing will happen is wrong. The physical act of love, sexual intercourse, should be shared with a person we really love and are willing to spend the rest of our lives with, a husband or wife. It is the ultimate gift. It proves that we can overcome any kind of pressure or strain, as well as peer pressure. Teenagers should be free to enjoy life while it lasts, which to me does not include having sexual intercourse and the consequences that come with it before marriage.