Subject: Speech 101

Date: 04/29/04

I. Abortion is one of the most controversial issues in the United States.

II. Abortion should be legalized

I. medical complications

A. pregnant woman is too young or too old, bearing a baby is definitely dangerous

B. pregnant woman might have severe fetal abnormalities

II. Financial difficulties

A. Raising a baby need lots of money such as baby bed, toys and baby foods, etc.

B. Pregnant woman cannot support herself neither the baby

III. Tragic events

A. Woman got pregnant because of being raped.

B. Pregnant woman maybe bear a child who is her father or her uncle. This incest relationship should not be happened.

I. Abortion should be legalized because there are many various factors such as medical complications, fetal abnormalities, tragic events.

II. In general, having an abortion is the rights that pregnant women should have. Anyone else has no rights to limit them to have an abortion.