A Walk to Remember: Landon Carter

Love is a mysterious thing. It can happen at any moment to anyone. Love can make the strangest things occur. Love is what changes the life of Landon Carter. A Walk to Remember is a 2002 Warner Brother’s film about Landon and Jamie Sullivan, two complete opposite high school seniors, who end up falling completely in love.

Landon Carter is your preppy, rebellious guy. We find him and his friends at the beginning of the movie causing trouble at a local power plant. When he flees from the cops and gets caught, his punishment is to tutor middle school kids and to be in the school play. When tutoring and attending the play auditions, he meets Jamie Sullivan.

Jamie is the daughter of a preacher. She’s a loner who really doesn’t have any friends. Jamie wear’s the same sweater everyday, and she carries her Bible everywhere with her. She has goals and wishes in life, two of which are experiencing a miracle and being wed in the same church as her parents.

When Landon gets the role as the lead part in the play, he and Jamie start having practices together to go over their lines. The more Landon sees Jamie, the more he starts feeling differently about her. The more they start seeing each other, the more they start hanging out instead of going over their lines.

When Jamie tries to talk to Landon at school in front of his friends, it embarrasses Landon. He acts like he doesn’t know Jamie and disses her in front of everyone. That afternoon Landon feels terrible for his actions at school, so he goes to Jamie’s house to apologize.

Pretty soon he and Jamie begin dating. He ditches his old, popular friends and hangs out with Jamie all the time. After many dates at romantic, fancy restaurants and star gazing, they begin to fall in love.

Jamie’s afraid to get too close to Landon, and he sees that. She finally tells him that she has leukemia and is dying. Shocked; depressed; confused; Landon doesn’t know what to do. He finally figures out what he truly wants to do; he asks Jamie to marry him.

That fall, Landon and Jamie wed in the fall in the same church that her parents were married in. Their wedding was beautiful; as perfect as Jamie wanted it. Landon had made one of her wishes come true.

When Jamie died that spring, Landon went off to medical school. When he returns to his home town, he goes and visits Jamie’s father. He tells him, “I’m sorry Jamie didn’t get to experience her miracle.” He dad replies, “She did. It was you.”

Landon changes throughout the story of this movie. A Walk to Remember starts out with him being the cool, popular kid who doesn’t care about people’s feelings, to ending with him completely changing into a sweet, caring young man.

A Walk to Remember is an amazing movie that shows just how much love can change someone. It teaches you to look at yourself and who you really are and to appreciate what you have.