A Tragedy that Changed Everything

The State Of Maryland needs to deal more strictly with drunk drivers. I see there needs to be tougher and stricter judges. The roads need to be safer. The drunks need to be off the road. We need more police checking for drunk drivers. There needs to be more roadblocks, check points, and barriers. I feel society is weak, and we need to stand up for justice. I think people who break these laws should be in prison, and have their license revoked. They can take the bus to get around.
I feel there should be a mandatory sentence of 6 months in prison, for first time offenders. Then have to take classes to learn about your crime and what it doses to people. After the completion of the class, then speak out to the general public, about your feeling on drunk drinking and what you learned. Also, you will lose your license for a year. Hopefully, people will not break these laws. If you break these laws again there will be more hasher pentanes. These laws would be for everyone who drinks and drive.
Now, if we can get the judges and politicians to make the laws tougher. Teri and Autumn would be here today, if there were more and tougher laws. Then I would not be writing about this incident.
We need to write to our legislative, congressmen and judges to make stricter and tougher laws. We also need to call and give ideas on how to write the laws. People need to be role models for the young, so this can not happen to other families and friends. Her death could have been prevented
This is a story… of two young sisters taken away so suddenly. Terri and Autumn should be here living their perfectly lives. Terri had everything she ever wanted in life. She was a sweet girl; even to the one that hated her for who she was. She lit everyone's heart. Everyone loved her. She also was pretty smart and popular. Terri graduated from high school a year early of her class. Although I did not know Autumn, she was a bright happy child. She went to Salisbury University. She was coming home one weekend when tragedy stuck! A lady who was drunk drinking crossed the yellow lines with her car. Terri died the next day. Terri just celebrated her 19th birthday. Autumn was only 10 years old. They both had bright dreams ahead of them.
The lady who killed my friends was a constant danger to the road. Just before the accident, she got her license back from a previous incident. She was a repeat offender. I think if the judge would have not given back her license, maybe Terri and her sister would be here today.
The sickest of all, this lady got away with murder. She will be able to see her kids grow-up, but Terri's mom won't see her. She is not getting the punishment that she deserves. She did not even have a scratch. She walked away from the accident perfectly fine.
The deaths of my friends have changed my life in many ways. I will never get to see Autumn or Terri again. Terri as thought me a lot such as helping people and being a true friend. One lesson in life, I have learned to stop and smell the roses. I appreciate life all its moments. What is here today, may not be tomorrow. Now, I don't take things for granted; because I don't know what life will bring me.