A teacher who has changed my life

Through out my twelve years of schooling I have experienced to have a lot of different teachers some that I like and some I just plain dislike. Out of all them my favorite teacher was Mr. Hodder who I met when I was in grade 8, during my first year in Canada. He was my science and math teacher as well as my homeroom teacher. I had never been good at math but he encouraged me that I could do really well in it, and I soon found out that I could. I found out what my strength and weaknesses were in both the subjects he was teaching. Also he was the type of teacher whose class everyone loved to attend. His attitude towards teaching was that it was supposed to be fun and exciting.

I remember on Christmas he bought all of us gifts except that we had to reach in a bag and thing that we picked out was what we got well that’s what he said. After begging and pleading he let me see in the bag and let me pick out what I wanted. Which every one got pissed off at.

The other thing that I found most hilarious about him was that he had this way of dissing people without actually dissing them. I remember he always used to say stuff to them, and after what seemed like hours they finally got what he said. Almost every day was hilarious in his class.

”The wisdom of the wise and the experience of the ages are perpetuated in

He was a teacher who I will remember for the rest of my life, because he taught me how to have fun while doing math or whatever it may have been