ďA savage journey into the heart of the American dream.Ē Is this what we all go through? A trip of untold hardships and emotions running wild, all to achieve our final destination, to reach the impossible dream. Perhaps Hunter S. Thompson is right that every journey to our dream is a savage, unrelenting one. We all face our own hardships, itís how we overcome them that matters. ďHe who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man.Ē Do you really get rid of the pain, the emotion, or does it just become numb, an unfilled void. A beast feels as much as man, and perhaps understands more, as the simple bystander he sees everything, all points of view. Perhaps a man with no bias, with a greater understanding of the world, a beast, is the man and man the beast. Is what we see all there is or can one man change it when he releases the beast in him? When the beast is let go as a whole generation it becomes the energy that everyone feeds off of, to the point of changing the world wherever it goes. Only then does there come that time when a whole generations energy changes the world in ways we donít appreciate, until itís gone and we canít feel it anymore. Every slacker, every worker, every person gives in to a cause thatís greater than life. That was the beauty of the 60ís a whole generations energy, coming together and lifting us up to the next level. Those people changed the world, for the better, or the worse, yet they did as a whole, and perhaps that is what we are missing; that same connection that brought everyone together for the last hurrah. ďLike riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave until it finally breaks and rolls back?Ē

Can anyone find there soul? Does it matter? It might, it might not, but does it hurt to find it? Drugs of every kind take over the life of Hunter S. Thompson, in his writing and his daily life. Through all of the gibberish though a simple lesson can be found. Find yourself in life. Whatever it is breakthrough and open it up. Maybe that is what can be found among the gibberish he states, an idea. A fact, perhaps is the idea that everyone has there own identity and within in that there own dark secret. We all hide something from the world, what it is I couldnít tell you as much as the next man. Perhaps as, he says we hide the truth from ourselves. We trap ourselves, lie to ourselves about one thing we canít accept in life. If we were truly honest, would we feel more complete? Facts that only an indiviual can answer himself.

Chaotic, unorganized and lost at times, the writing of Thompson is something we should all take note of. His way of saying his thoughts unorganized, and put in the original context, gives us a greater understanding of his point, his thoughts. His writing is classic and unmatched, no one it seems can reach his level of skill. His writing in journalism is matched by no one. Creator of gonzo journalism, he shows all of his skill here. Painting a beautiful and morbid picture of his attorney and his drug riddled trip into the heart of the American dream. He delicately puts together the pieces of his trip into and out of the insanity and grip of drugs. His American dream, which he comes to find in Las Vegas, on a journalism outfit about the Mint 400, was never found. How many people find that dream though? His attorney and he, both with a head full of drugs slowly begin to realize the madness of what they have come to find. The American dream is only what we make of it. Through Circus-Circus and all of Vegas, they discover that no matter where you go madness is around every corner, not in life but in there mind itself. Slowly they begin to realize the power of the mind. Perhaps to late, locked in the theores of phsycological drugs, with futility, they try to escape, only to fall into again. The mind is