A Raisin In The Sun

A Raisin In the Sun Staci King
Lorraine Hansberry A-2 PCP
Penguin Books 10-29-99
1988 Rpt. 2

A Raisin In the Sun is a drama play that takes place “sometime between World War II and the present.” The family lived in Chicago’s Southside. The town was very “dusky” and as each day passed the nights got colder. The Younger family lived in a small old apartment with only two small rooms. The little one had to sleep on the couch every night. The house needed a great amount of fixing up; everyone was ready to move out.
Ruth Younger is about thirty years old. She is married to Walter Lee Young and they have a son named Travis. “ Ruth is a pretty girl, even exceptionally so, but now it is apparent that life has been little that she expected, and disappointment has already begun to hang in her face. In a few years, before thirty-five even, she will be known among her people as a ‘settled woman.’” Ruth tries to do everything she can to make her family happy. She just wants the best for them.
Walter Lee Younger is a “lean, intense young man in his middle thirties, inclined to quick nervous movements and erratic speech habits and always in his voice there is a quality of indictment.” He works as a chauffeur, but his dream is to one day open up a liquor store. Walter has a very bad temper and tends to say things he doesn’t mean. Walter and his wife have been getting into many fights. He has a really bad temper. Many times when Walter gets upset he goes out and gets drunk. Walter likes to spoil his son Travis.
Beneatha Younger is Walter’s smart, younger sister. She is about twenty years old and “ as slim and intense as her brother. She is not as pretty as her sister-in-law, but her lean intellectual face has a handsomeness of its own.” She also gets her bad temper from Walter. Beneatha wants to become a doctor when she gets older. She says everything that is on her mind and it never seems like she is happy. Beneatha finds most everything people say to be offensive to her some how.
Lena Younger, known as Mama, is in her early sixties. “ She is one of those women of a certain grace and beauty who wear it so unobtrusively that it takes a while to notice. She has wit and faith of a kind that keeps her eyes lit and full of interest and expectancy. Mama is, in a word, a beautiful woman. Her speech is as careless as her carriage is precise-she is inclined to slur everything-but her voice is perhaps not so much quiet as simply soft.” She is full-bodied and strong. Her husband died a short while ago. Mama works very hard to try and help her family have the best. She especially wants Travis to have the best.
Travis Willard Younger is a “sturdy, handsome little boy of ten or eleven.” He is very well mannered and tries to have fun just like every other kid does. Willy Harris and Bobo are the two men who are going to help Walter invest in starting a liquor store.
Early one Friday morning, Ruth, who was in a bad mood, woke up Travis so he could get ready for school. Then she woke up Walter so he wouldn’t be late for work.
Ruth and Walter got into an argument because Walter wanted to invest in a liquor store. Ruth knew they didn’t have the money to do it. Walter started going off on how colored women never support their husbands and their dreams. When Beneatha got up they stopped arguing. Walter went from arguing with Ruth to bothering Beneatha about becoming a doctor. All furious because he was getting no where, Walter slammed the door when he left.
Mama got up to see what all the commotion had been. As Ruth told her what happened, Mama went around picking up after everyone like she always did. Ruth asked Mama about the check. It seemed to be the only thing everyone had been thinking about lately. She told Mama about Walter’s idea of investing in a liquor store. Mama