A President must show certain qualities or skills to be a successful President. These skills and qualities usually reflect the Presidents career.
One of the most important leadership qualities a President should hold is the ability to understand the people. If a President can feel what the public is feeling than he can make wise decisions, which will affect the citizens in the best way. Understanding the public is necessary to gain and hold their support. A President with much support will have a better chance to be successful than one with little support from the people. By having support from the people it makes it easier to influence lawmakers. When a President fails in understanding the people, disaster strikes. For example, President Herbert Hoover made wrong decisions when confronting the economic problems in 1932. This mostly came from not understanding the people.
After understanding the people, a President must be able to communicate to the people. A good communicating President will always be more successful than a poor communicator. Franklin D. Roosevelt was a master at communicating and the same was for President Reagan. He was also known as the “Great Communicator” because of his ability to reach out to the people.
Almost as important as the ability to communicate a president’s sense of timing must always be good. A successful president must know when the time is right to introduce a new policy or to make important decisions. President Bush made a perfect timing when he delayed acting on his policy that was supposed to help the Soviet Union.
A President needs good group skills. He needs to have the ability to be open to new ideas and the ability to compromise. By being flexible and open it allows the president “to see both sides of the story.” President Roosevelt and Kennedy both were open to new ideas and like to hear both sides of the issue. A President who has the ability to compromise usually accomplishes more than a President who can not compromise. A successful President knows that sometimes he must give up something in order to get something in return. President Woodrow Wilson was good at this and it was shown particularly when he disagreed with the League of Nations.
The last important leadership quality is the ability to show political courage. Without political courage, a president would usually go with the public opinion instead of what is right. President Lincoln showed much political courage when he decided to continue the war and to preserve the nation. This was extremely courageous because he went with his own instinct instead of public opinion.
Today, Presidents may become isolated from the information and advice that is important to them. This is partially from interaction between Presidents and their staff and the lack of access to the President. Presidents may not receive the facts that are vital to what is going on. Meaning, President’s may receive information that was changed only to make the President look good. This information may be changed because the person giving the information is afraid that bad information may lessen his or her job. Also, Presidents may discourage staff members from disagreeing with them or giving them unpleasant facts. Some staff members only agree with the President so they will not lose access to him. While in office a President may receive too much flattering and become too confidential. This is only a bad trait, which could lead to many problems. Top members of the White House are usually closer to the President than any other government officials. This can be bad because it allows little advice to be received outside these top officials.
If a President is over isolated he may not know everything that is going on inside the government. This is because he is only receiving the filtered facts from his members. In past times, this has happened to Presidents, which greatly harmed their career. Nixon and Reagan were unaware of coverts, or secrets that were taking place in the government. This damaged their career greatly and was manly from being over isolated.
A President must contain these qualities and skills to be a successful President. If not careful, a President could become over isolated and lose his chance to be successful.