A personal value thatís important to you

I would have to say that family and perseverance are the things I value most. Without family, I feel a sense of loneliness and just donít feel right. My family will always be there for me and thatís why I will never take them for granted. My family is what has helped me persevere through many hardships in my younger life. My perseverance to be in the position Iím at right now has also been of great value. Everyone will go through hard times in their lives, but itís how they persevere to overcome those obstacles that defines their character. Family and Perseverance are two things everyone should incorporate in their lives just as I have.

When I was young my father left our family alone. My mother was left with two sons and a daughter to tend to all by herself. Problems started to arise and soon I was living with my uncle away from my family. Times were hard and I didnít know how I was going to get through all of them. Then my family and I were finally reunited in Temple, Texas. They showed me more love than I could have ever believed possible. I started to feel more confident and happier. They were there for me and helped me in every way they could to make sure I got a great education. We all had to persevere to make things work out after things started to get hard. We stuck together and now we canít be happier.

I will always love my family for everything theyíve persevered through to help me in every way they could and make our lives as best as possible. Above all, family is the one value that no one should ever lose track of. With family anything is possible and without them nothing is possible.