A Night To Remember
By, Walter Lord

The new White Star Liner, Titanic, was not only the largest, but also the most glamorous ship in
the world. The Titanicís maiden voyage was set for New York, but unfortunately the ignorance of some of
the crew members made the "Unsinkable" ship test its capabilities against huge icebergs. Only 705
survivors were picked up by her twenty lifeboats from the originally 2,207 passengers on board. This
terrible disaster not only stayed in peoples minds throughout the world, but also made people realize how
horrible mother nature can be.
I thought the book A Night To Remember presented all the horror and tragedy of that unfortunate
night with suspenseful minute-by-minute hardships of the many passengers on the Titanic. I especially
enjoyed how some of the men on the boat acted so selfishly that they had to dress like women just to save
their own precious lives, rather than be respectable and see the vulnerable women on board the lifeboats
first. I donít believe this terrible incident has any relation to my experiences because I have never
experienced being on a cruise ship and then suddenly realized that my worry free vacation is going to turn
out to be a horrifying nightmare.
Walter Lord writes, "I cannot imagine any condition which would cause a ship to founder. I
cannot conceive of any vital disaster happening to this vessel. Modern ship building has gone beyond
that." (Pg.21) I chose this excerpt said by Captain Smith because it proves how people can be so ignorant
when it comes to dealing with mother nature. The "Unsinkable" Titanic met its match when trying to go
through a massive iceberg. This gruesome event in history makes people realize nowadays that mother
nature is horrifying.
I believe the setting of the story is extremely important because if this incident of an extremely
luxurious cruise ship happened in todayís society, were technology is so highly advanced. I bet that more
than 99% of the passengers would be rescued in about 20 minutes to an hour by a Coast Guard Helicopter.
In the case of the Titanic there werenít any capable aircraft that would rescue the passengers like in todayís
society. This story reminds
me of the Space Shuttle Challenger, when it was going for its mission in space, and just after the takeoff it
suddenly disintegrated in mid-air. Just like the Titanic; Challenger was never thought to be a tragedy.
The author is trying to say that the most reliable things in life can be misleading and turn out to be
total tragedies.