A Look Into The Future Of Cell PhonesYear 2010: The Death Of Wireline (Local Phone) Companies
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With wireless number and home to cell phone portability now live, wireless dominance is now forseen. The wireless revolution will occur slowly. Changes and new technology will be introduced. Cutting the wireline cord is inevitable. The world is going wireless - totally.

Your Telephone Number - A Second Social Security Number?
You may want to choose your telephone number wisely. Over the next few years, your telephone number can be just as important to you as your social security number - you may only need one. With number portability, for the time being you can only take a telephone number with you in a local calling area. This will not last. Expect in the next few years the idea of area codes, the three digit code of a number, to lose it\'s importance of identifying the city and state you live in. Change states, keep your number. Move 10 times, keep your number. The lines that separate area codes into states will get blurred - thanks to wireless.

Wireless Industry Changes Are Needed
All the major carriers view the new rule of home number to cell phone a victory, and a chance to increase market share. In order for the wireless revolution to take effect, two industry changes will occur:

o Reception areas will increase - worldwide. The wireless revolution cannot take place until reception and coverage areas increase. The new technologies such as advanced TDMA, CDMA and GSM can handle the clearness of calls, but carriers networks need and will get expanded so calls can be made from anywhere in the world. It\'s easy to cut the telephone cord when your calls are crisp, and you can make them.
o The concept of anytime minutes will no longer exist. In order for the revolution to thrive, calls need to be made anywhere, and anytime. No more calling restrictions based on time. With more efficient, cost saving networks, carriers will introduce unlimited calling plans with longer contracts. Wireless Technology Improvements - Look What\'s Coming
A cell phone will soon be your new best friend. Several technological improvements with the phone itself will help cut the landline cord. Imagine the new features and possibilities:

o A cell phone will be more like a PDA, large address books, calendar and the like.
o Internet access ability - DSL on a phone? Broadband through a cell phone is coming.
o Cell phones interact with appliances. Forget to start the dish washer? Set it by your phone.
o Store files and documents - your cell phone is now a desktop computer. Internet Access Is Everything And Anything
The local phone companies last line of defense is Internet access. Will local phone service still be required to connect to a DSL or dial-up Internet connection? Yes. In 2010, you can hook up your laptop or desktop computer through your cell phone. Look for DSL to become \'unbundled\' from a landline connection. When this happens, why would you need a local phone company?

Local Phone Companies Turn Into Cell Phone Recycling Plants?
With the advancements in wireless technology and industry improvements, cutting the telephone cord will never be easier. Look for local phone companies to focus on their wireless divisions in the future, as fixed landlines will no longer be needed.

CellPhoneCarriers.com Note: Year 2010 is just a guideline, and the future of cell phones is our opinion on what will happen with the wireless industry and landline companies.