A Life Is Not A Life Until Birth

Although the following Christian philosophies stand on the following platform: abortion is illegal because it is murder of a human being, pray for God to turn back time to make abortion illegal again, politicians are told if the anti-abortion stance is not taken they will not get that particular groups votes because that politician would be endorsing murder, In reality the groups that spout this information are not very informed with the bible, about its history, or about its language. These individuals and groups have not actually read the bible in its entirety, nor have they studied the history and verses of the good book in a structured, detailed, or philosophical manner. These Christian groups are merely imitating what their pastors and Christian radio broadcasters are saying to them, what they are reading from pamphlets that have one or two verses, what they heard from another “Christian” who spouted off a verse from the bible and spouted it off out of context. In a closer observation of the most popular anti-abortion rhetoric much evidence can be found that these verses are being taken out of context and being twisted to fit the anti-abortion campaign.

For Instance, the commandment of Thou shall not kill is a verse that can be inspected and found to be weak. To derive that abortion is murder from this commandment is really digging deep. The other fallacious conclusion we see in this commandment is that a fetus is a human being. If one looks closely at the bible from a literary lawful standpoint and what the Christian culture propagandizes as literay law, many fallacious conclusions can be found.

In the same way, the book of Genesis says that God was involved in the creation of every living thing, and yet that does not make every living thing a full human person. Therefore, just because God created it does not mean that terminating the Embryo, Zygote, or fetus is murder. It would only be murder if a full human person were destroyed. Likewise the Catholic Church defines ensoulment as, “the origination of human soul, which, in a theological or philosophical

anthropology, is equivalent to the origination of human life specifically as personal life.” With this knowledge in the foreground mentioning that the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith (1974) has decided that the Catholic faith should never teach that immediate animation takes place at all. The Congregation states that it is not the Scientific, or Biological discipline that can answer such questions of Immediate Animation, which maintains that ensoulment happens at the time of conception. In the lap of Philosophy is where the decision of immediate animation lies. Philosophy calls this a problem, especially because the Catholic Church separates the Morality from the philosophy platform on immediate animation. The final reasoning that comes out of the Moral Right under the Catholic Church is that Probabilism is the position to follow. This following communicates that there will always be doubt of fact, and doubt of law regarding ensoulment. Therefore, since there is an uncertainty on the subject the actions should emulate one of certainty. In other words no aborting practices should take place just in case there is a soul, and just in case there is what the world calls an existence of human life.

Again, looking at the bible and more specifically the Book of Exodus, 21:22-22 one can see a very popular passage used by the Christian Culture. This passage is a code of Conduct written for a pregnant woman, who has a preemie. The code goes something like this. If the woman has the baby, and no harm to mom or baby occurs, then no penalty is assessed to the violator. The interesting inference can be made that stuff happens, get over it and move on If the fetus were to die then the code of conduct used here would be an eye for an eye, and only an eye for an eye. This code encouraged caution, and yes maybe humanity. A Master was to keep in mind that retribution could gain freedom from such an incident, leading to loss of his property. Revenge was not the thought that should take place under such