A Letter To The Editor

Nine young men dragged through four years of trials. Ranging from twelve to
twenty-one, these young men lost what some would call the golden years. All on the
whim of two young women, despite the fact that they recanted. Racism is a strong subject
to some, to others it is unrecognized. For these people that canít perceive, I recommend
that you read this paper. Even if you can perceive, I still recommend to you that you read
this paper. Racism is a large part of our lives, but some people donít acknowledge it.
The Scottsboro boys are a perfect example of how racism is very strong. The
Scottsboro boys were charged with the rape of two known prostitutes. The prostitutes
said that the boys had raped them, but then they recanted and the boys were still on trial.
The boys had a new life when the police arrested them. After they were acquitted their
reputations were ruined. They probably couldnít get a job anywhere.
Another sign that there was racism prominent in America, the land of the free, is
that the African-Americans had to sit in the back of the bus when there werenít even any
white people on the bus. Rosa Parks was even arrested because she wouldnít give up her
seat to a white person. She was in jail, but a year later a judge ruled against segregation.
One other proof of racism is segregation in school. Almost every white school had
new books and lots of luxuries the black students could only dream of. It wasnít until
1954 that segregation of schools was illegal, meaning that for all those years there was a
segregation. That means they went to different schools and had different curriculum and
learned from out of different books. The African-Americans from older books and the
whites from newer ones and that is how it was.
In conclusion I have to state that this is all true, but it is all seemingly out dated.
In reality, the events listed above probably wouldnít happen, but only because the
American society has started to accept the other cultures and colors. We still have a long
way to go before we are ready to say that there isnít racism. What happened to the
Scottsboro boys was terrible and it should have never happened but because it did now the
American public has become more aware of racism. Still the fact remains that there was
racism and the world still has it.