A lesson befor dying

The book the lesson befor dying was a book with alot of differnt types of people in it. It was seat in the 1940s where there was still raciced peple in those times. this book was about a boy name jefferson being convicted of murder and sentenced to die. If Jefferson was a animal he would be a mule. This paper is going to be why i think jefferson can be compared to a mule.

The frist thing is that he is a very strong man. he say in the book "Man walks on his own to feet, hogs walk on four houfs.This makes me fill that jefferson is saying that he is a man. Thats makes him not a hog like the world thinks he is. He also will not eat his nana cooking. You no that the food is relly good and i think he is trying to prove a point. He is not eatting it because he wants to feel like a hog foro some resson. This is way I think that jefferson is a strong man.

The second thing is that he is dumb you no mules are not that smart be jefferson is dumb in a driffent way. He tella grant that his girl freind has no good pussy. This is the person that is trying to help you and you want to mess it up. If I was grant I would of left along time ago. The next resson that i think jefferson is dumb is that he dosnt eat his nana food she makes it and you know it is better the jail food but if you want to b a pig go four it. These are the ressons that I think jefferson is dumb.

The thrid subject is that he is lock up like a mule he is in a little jail room has to piss where he sleeps like a mule. He is in a little jail room with only one window a mule has more air then him. The ways that I think is that jefferson is being treated baddly he did not do it and he has to die for it. They cheek his food before thay gave it to him. This makes me feel like there are tying to make him feel badly for the things he did not do. They do not have to cheek his food the just want him to no that he is in jail. This is why jefferson is locked up like a mule.

The fourth resson is that jefferson is a very stubern man you can tell this just by what he says like "corn is for hogs". This is saying the he is a hog because thats what the lawer said. Jefferson knows he is a man but wants to make every one feel sorry for him. He trys this on grant and it dosent work so thats way I think he starts to lisson to Grant. A mle is very stubern and this is why i think he can be compared to a mule.

The fith and finnle is that he is scared I know this because he rites " I have dreams they are taking me some ware, an I was crying. This makes me feel he is dreamming of going to the chair and he is scared of that. The place that he is in whould be scary to be in and he had to live with people he didnt know that had to be hard and scary. The next thing is he dosnt know who to pray for. This makes me think that he donst have hope for gods help. If he dosnt bleve in god what can he bleive in.

This is why i think that jefferson can be comaperd to as a mule not because I think that he is a barn animal its just a good one to pick because a mule is strong, dumb, locked up, stubern, and scared all at the same time. I hope you like this esay because this is way think jefferson is a mule or acts like it.