A Fire

A fire burns today, it is a bright, bold, and strong fire. Its a fire of It began with only one match, it took a higher authority to spark it. Only one keeps it burning so bright, it has spread across the world and it will burn forever, if we can help it. The fire is strong, only if we keep helping the one, by being his matches. The fire has faced the world head on, by burning down walls of segregation brought by races, ages, denominations, cultures, and different socio-economic groups. The fire was started because we were created equal to serve one creator, God Our Father. He sent his only son Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for the sins we have done. He created us to love one another, despite race, age, denomination, culture, and socio-economic groups. What went wrong?

Today, this world has segregated from one another, and have pushed out the principal of love one another. Sparking battle fires among families, friends, and everyone, making it hard for the fire of life to blaze. It has brought thousands of failed marriages, abuse, and terror to the hearts of everyone. The fire of life is Godís fight to win over Satan and his evil works. Only God can keep the fire a blaze, and he wants us to be his matches. Matches, only sparked by his touch and his love for us, if we believe in him. He will use us to start fires that will join in the battle for life and the future of this world. It has already started, and he trusts in us to keep it going.

That was the heart of one fearless warrior, when he began Promise Keepers. A massive movement to unite Christian men of all races, denominations, ages, cultures and socio-economic groups. He believed that accountable relationships among men are critical in helping one another in relationships with God, wives, children and each other. It also brought thousands of men together to pray and fast for Christian movements and discipleship across the world. It was the promise one man made when beginning the movement we call, the Promise Keepers.

It was on a three hour drive to a Fellowship of Christian Athlete meeting, that Bill McCartney told his friend, Dave Wardell, his idea of filling a stadium of Christian men. It took only a year, and about 72 men were praying and fasting, for the concept of thousands of men gathering together for Christian Discipleship. This was only a prayer that God could only help them with, so in July 1991, the prayer was answered. 4,200 men gathered in a stadium, prayed to God for forgiveness, for the sins they have done. This rally of only 4,200 men was only the start of the awesome movement we have today.

The Promise Keepers have brought upon changes in the household, the workplace and the world around us. The men of the Promise Keepers, learn to Trust in Christ, form close male friendships, practice moral and sexual purity, love their wives and their children and so on. They believe in a strong relationship with Christ, only him will they trust. They believe in making a good family life for their wives and children. Promising to their wives to stay moral and sexually pure, and spending time with their children. Making an effort to stop the divorce, and child abuse rate from rising. According to many wives of Promise Keepers, "they have had better marriage lives since their husbands joined the group". So, why are the others so threatened by what these men are trying to do, when it is only doing us good.

The only reason why I can figure is that people are scared of the truth. Why husbands beat and abandon their wives, why fathers abuse their children, and most of all why the world feels we have to segregate from one another, because of race, age difference, and denominations. Some women feel that the movement of Promise Keepers only set back the womenís rights for equality and to imprison the women in their homes as subservient life forms existing only to serve their evil male keepers. Well, their wrong because we only serve one person