A Day’s Wait and Too Soon a Woman

Schatz and Mary are two main characters in the story “A Day’s Wait and Too Soon a Woman”. I will analyze their characters in the following paragraphs. Both of them are showing their own personalities in their lives. In order to prove their personalities clearly, I will use five traits to analyze them. For instance, Schatz’s characters include pathetic, courageous, ignorant, unconventional and sensitive. Meanwhile, Mary is upstanding, cautious, daring, unforgiving and maternal. Those traits show how they face their particular problems which happen in their lives. Some specific examples will be shown to identify those traits

First of all, Schatz shows his personality when he had a fever and got a high temperature. According to the story, “It would have been natural for him to go to sleep, but when I looked up he was looking at the foot of the bed, looking very strangely”, he becomes unconventional all day long when he knows about the temperature. He is thinking something serious by himself. He is ignorant about life by making mistakes. He thinks he will die from the temperature. For example, “at school in France the boys told me you can’t live with forty-four degrees. I’ve got a hundred and two”. No doubt that he is courageous. He does not tell anybody that he thinks he is going to die. “About what time do you think I’m going to die”, he asks his father nonchalant for the time. He is pathetic at the same time that he is wasting time waiting to die. His father teels him, “he had been waiting to die all day, ever since nine o’clock in the morning”. Finally, Schatz becomes sensitive as soon as he knows the truth from his father. According to the story, “he cried very easily at little things that were of no importance”. Those traits are describing Schatz how to face the life by making a mistake about the temperature of this fever.

Furthermore, Mary also uses her own traits to describe how she solves the problems in her life. Unforgiving is he first traits about her life. She runs away from home because somebody hurt her. The story tells several times, “I am not going back; I won’t be back again; they whipped me”. However, she is upstanding at the same time. She chooses the road for herself though it is difficult. For example, “I’d rather go with family and look after kids, but I ain’t going back. If you won’t take me, I’ll travel with any wagon that will”. Problems force people to do some dangerous thing to live. Mary is daring by deciding to eat the mushroom without knowing if it is poisonous or not. According to the story, “Mushroom ain’t good eating, they can kill you. Maybe, maybe they can, I don’t set up to know all about everything”. Her caution tells her to do everything carefully. She reminds the children that they will know the truth by the day after she ate the mushroom. The book says, “By tomorrow morning, I guess you can tell whether you want any”. Mary is a maternal woman like other women. She is taking care of the children as her own children by playing and telling them stories. For instance, “Mary laughed and was gay; she told stories, and we played ‘who’s got the thimble’”.

Therefore, those traits about Schatz and Mary tell people how they face their lives when they get some problems. People are different from each other because they have their own personalities. From examples above we can know that personalities can define a person’s difference from one another. That’s why Schatz is different from Mary with his own characteristics.