A computer is almost necessary in todayís world. It is will be what the future consists of. Computers will
probably run many things automatically, lessening the burden on us humans. Even now, millions of people
all over the world use computers, and some even depend on them to make a living. Many cars have
computers in them. Although they are not the same kind of computers we use at home, they still serve an
important purpose. I canít imagine a world without computers.
Yes, there are downsides to having a computer. One may say a computer is too expensive, but the
benefits outweigh the costs. It is an investment for the future. There are many uses for computers, no
matter at home or at the work place. Computers can be used for running businesses, banking, and other
jobs. It can be used for entertainment, homework, and research. For example, the Internet contains a vast
amount of information. It is like having a library at your finger tips. Itís just a matter of how u make use
of it.
True, computers can become outdated. That is why they can be upgraded. Iíve had my computer
for 5 years now. It may not be that fast, but it can do what I need it to do. I have upgraded it a little in
order for it to be able to run the programs I need to run. I will probably upgrade it again soon. This should
last me for another few years before I have to upgrade or buy a new computer. We donít upgrade and
replace only computers. There are many other things that we need to replace. Things such as toasters,
refrigerators, washing machines, and many other necessities. It is just like any other appliance we use
Even telephones must be upgraded at sometime or another. We need to keep up with technology
to be successful in this world. Everything is moving so fast, some things we are used to doing the old
fashion way just wonít cut it anymore. At the rate things are moving now, you wonít be able to get things
done in time to satisfy whatever the demand is. For example, most teachers ask students to have their
essays typed and some students do not have a computer at home. They end up spending more time at
school or another place to type up their essays or reports. This could have been avoided if they had a
computer at home.
In addition to just typing plain text, a person can add graphics to liven up their presentations. I
know people get bored of just reading straight text; I know I do. So it is sometimes a good idea to add
illustrations if the teacher allows it. It will not let the teacher die of boredom when he or she is reading the
report and it will give them a good impression. A typed report is also neater and more organized. This
neatness will come at a cost, but a small cost that will serve one for a fair amount of time.
My next step is to upgrade my computer so that it will be at the current level of technology. I then
will be able to run many more programs and keep up with others in the world. It has become a necessary
part of my life. Without it, my life would probably be a whole different one. Upgrading is like increasing
knowledge. Everything is constantly being upgraded everyday and it is like learning because when u learn,
u upgrade your knowledge.