A Comparison of Victor Frankenstein and His Creation


English 12R

Essay #2

In the novel, "Frankenstein," by Mary Shelley, Victor Frankenstein and his creation, the monster, both share common traits. Neither of the two are understood by the people around them; both are on a quest for revenge; and not one of their problems is able to be relinquished through their actions, regardless of their extreme determination. Though these two characters seem to be completely different in appearance, they are still similar in the direction that their lives take them.

Victor and his creation are not only misunderstood, they are even criticized for simply being the way they are. The monster is a normal human being, on the inside, yet his appearance speaks a different word. People do not see him for who he is, but rather for what he is. He may have the mind and personality of a normal person, but the fact remains that he is an enormous beast, immense in proportions, compared to a regular man. Most people only see what he is on the outside and not understand the he is on the inside, this causes them to be scared of him. He is isolated for this reason. Victor, on the other hand, is misunderstood for his dream and obsession. He studies the works of a scientist that most would call mythological and chimerical. People look at him in a way that would define him as an isolated excentrist. People donít understand his dreams and donít see the possibility of it becoming a reality. For this, like the monster, he is an outcast.

The monster and his creator share another common trait, an adventurous quest for revenge. The monster is seeking vengeance for Victor abandoning him. He is not pleased with the fact that Victor left him right after he came to life. This left a scar in the monsterís mind, and he has been seeking revenge ever since. Victor is also seeking vengeance from the monster. Elizabeth, Victor ís wife, was killed by the monster on their wedding night. This causes Victor to seek out the monster in order to avenge her death.

There is another common characteristic between Victor and the monster, the fact that after all their struggles and strives, neither of their problems are solved. The monsterís quest for vengeance does not satisfy the hole that was left by Victorís abandonment. Victor, through all his hard work is not satisfied with his creation; and once his wife is murdered, he is not able to replace her by seeking out the monster of his creation.

Victor, and his creation share common traits that help to force a connection between the two. Although they hate each other, they may actually love each other; as in a father and son relationship. This explains the abandonment issues. Victor and the monster do have a lot in common, as in a "family".