A brilliant student and sportsman qualified as a pharmacist and surgeon and representing Australia at rugby, Weary turned his back on a surgical career and volunteereed immedieately war broke out in 1939, he joined the second AIF and served in Palestine Grece Crete Tobruk and Eqypt before sailing to Java with his medical unit in 1942. Captured by the Japenese he spent more than 3 years as a prisoner of war in Java and on the notoroius Burma Thailand death railway.

His care for men under his command and his defiance of his captures in the face of brutality death and starvation make him a legend in his own lifetime.

Sir Weary Dunlop was a very amotional man, putting others before himself. Sir Weary Dunlop was usually very calm and collected person rarly getting angry, he stood up for what he believed in. Sometimes this was very difficult as proven in Java in the war camps.

Sir Weary faced some very emotional times, but always seemed to manage to keep his cool and always a positive outlook even in the worst of situations .In my opinion with out people like Sir Weary dunlop we would not have won the war.

Sir Weary Dunlop was a very capable student getting a degree in pharmacy and as a doctor these skills would be put to use later on in his life in Java in Thailand one of the most ruthless prison camps in that period of time.

Sir Weary Dunlop would save many lives using his surgical skills as a pharmacist and as a surgeon as well as being incredibly inventive designing medical equipment from the very limited offering around the prison camp.

Sir Weary Dunlop was a very spiratul person. Beleiving very much in helping his fellow man. Being brought up in a strong cathlic famil , he was tought strong morrals and to fight for what you believe in.
Being brought up this way , he to inforced cathlic beleifs in his family going to church every sundat and religus events such as Christmas and Easter.