A Black Cloud

The heart is an organ of fire, filled with intense love and intense hatred. Yet it is
the hatred which entwines the lives of people causing them to display acts of violence and
cruelty. Hatred is displayed through forms which include: prejudices towards large
groups of people, crimes of hatred being committed, and indirect hatred which involves
hurting others as an act of rebellion against someone or something.
Throughout history, the world has been afflicted by the prejudices of powerful
leaders who in turn took their animosity out on large masses of people. Adolf Hitler, the
leader of Germany during World War II, is a prime example of this. He took his hatred
out on the Jews, forcing them into concentration camps. Another group that is a target of
hatred are the blacks. The Ku Klux Klan, otherwise known as the KKK, possess intense
hatred for the black race. Their hatred is demonstrated by marching in white cloaks in
protest and also by burning the churches and neighborhoods of blacks. Just as Hitler and
the KKK express hatred, the Skinheads are yet another group which have strong
prejudices. These so called Skinheads abominate most races other than their own. White
hooded silhouettes, German Soldiers echoing “Hail Hitler!”, and the infamous Skinheads
are harsh reminders of hatred which exists throughout the world.
In the same way that prejudices of large groups of people are expressed, hate
crimes are committed to demonstrate acts of hatred. Most recent are the burning of black
churches across the South. A crime of this sort shows hatred against the black race.
Sometimes leading to manslaughter, racial tensions are abundant. Furthermore, the
burning of crosses or flags are offensive crimes that are committed to show a person’s
hatred for religion or the government. Spousal abuse, child abuse, homicide, and wars
between races can only be acts of one thing: hatred. Newspapers are filled with page after
page of stories revealing the immense amount of hatred that our society possesses.
Although crimes are committed to show hatred directly, there are other crimes
which can also show hatred but in ways that are indirect. Think back to the Oklahoma
City Bombing; it is a perfect example of indirect hatred. This is true because the motive of
the bombers was to attempt to take revenge on the government, but instead the bombers
took the lives of innocent people who were in the building. Moreover, the Empire State
Building gunman’s plan was to take revenge on his “bitter enemies”, who he blamed for
making Palestinians “homeless”, according to a handwritten note he carried. Instead, one
tourist was killed and five others were hospitalized in this attempt. Innocent bystanders,
who are at the wrong place at the wrong time, are the ones who suffer most from acts of
indirect hatred.
A black cloud stifles society, suffocating the lives of people, causing pain and
suffering. The eyes of mankind are blinded: unable to see passed prejudices. Generations
carry the preconceptions of the ones before. Society needs to see the light and learn to