21 rule s for effective SMM strategy
As in any activity, SMM has its own unwritten rules. All are obliged to observe them, and those who are not familiar with the rules of the game, run the risk of retiring. We present a list of 21 basic social marketing rules that will help you create a solid foundation for any social media campaign:
1) There is no easy way for success
Social media marketing includes investment, time, energy and creativity. This is an obligation tha t can't be avoided or missed.
2) No one will hear you if you are no t carrying anything substantial
If you can' t contribute something meaningful to the community, no one will lis ten to you. This is the basics.
3) Present yourself as an expert
Why would someone pay attention to someone who does not know anything? If you still have a lot to learn, then do it, but be sure that you can give valuable a dvice to your fans and readers.
4 ) Start an important discussion
If you do not say anything meaningful, do not say anything at all. If you join the general noise, you will be unequivocally ignored.
5) Activity and prod uctivity are not the same thing
Being active does not mean being productive. B e productive, not just "noisy".
6) Quality always exceeds quantity
Appreciate the simplicity. It is better to give short friendly advice instead o f constant chaotic discussions.
7) Do not become a spammer
Constant self-promotion does not attract readers. If you feel the need to constantly attract attention to yourself - your strategy is not effective.
8) Everything should be real
Be authentic. Involve people using your own e xperience, knowledge and humor .
9) Co mmunication should be bilateral
Give your fans an opportunity to speak. If you monopolize the discussion, it becomes a boring lecture, not a successful marketing strategy.
10) Communi cation does not mean permission
If someone is added to your contacts or subscribers, this does not mean that you can interfere with their lives. In order to build relationships and gain trust, it takes time.
11) Access does not mean the right
Getting contacts can provide access, but that does not mean that your readers and fans have something you need. Do not get carried away with the division of content, which can lead to a decline in quality. Subscribers are not required to listen to everything you have to say.
12) Adjust yourself
Hot news today, tomorrow it will cool down. Keep up with the trends o f your topic and stay flexible.
13) Expansion does not co st anything without Achievement
If the actions in the field of SMM do not bring improvements or some kind of productivity, then the efforts are meaningless. Measure your effo rts and make changes as needed.
14) Coverage and Enrich ment
The reach of the audience for coverage is not effective. Enforceability efforts should lead to enrichment, ot herwise all efforts are wasted.
15) Use images and multimedia
A picture is worth a thousand words. The video must be worth a lot more. Do not just say it, but use y our social platform to show it.
16) Always subscribe to the answer
Do not ignore the fans who are subscribing to you. Always subscribe to the answer; this makes people feel special, and it is more likely that they will read you.
17) Watch your manners
Sometimes readers may be impolite. They may disagree with the content or images. Let them speak and respond in the proper way.
18) Patience, only patience
Social networks presented on the market rarely give instant results. Do not give up after a short time. Patient marketers have more opportunity to reap the fruits of their labour.
19) Do not be too intrusive
Participation in too many groups can damage marketing activities. Always limit participation in groups.
20) It's better to be a blogger
Yes, success ful social marketers do blog . If you are active in social netwo rks, you should regularly blog.
21) You should enjoy what you are doing
If you do not enjoy what you are doing, you are doing